Losing Weight and Finding Time to Exercise: An Uphill Battle

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  • This is really hard! I just never imagined losing weight would be this difficult. I really feel like the odds are against me and I am fighting an uphill battle.  The issue is that even though I KNOW I am overweight and I WANT to lose the excess weight and I AM trying to be conscientious of what I am eating and how much I am exercising, in the real world, it is really difficult for me (a woman in my 40s) to lose the weight that I want to.  If it is true, as a recent study points out, that someone my age needs to exercise an hour a day just to maintain weight and not gain any more, then it stands to logic that I need to exercise for MORE than an hour a day if I want to LOSE weight.

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    So I tried. I got my bike out and have it available. I went out for a ride the first weekend; went on a path that was up and down hills. I did it again one evening during the week. But soon the weekend was rolling around again. So I tried to stick with it. I got out on the bike on Saturday afternoon. I insisted to my family that I had to do it while I had a chance. Up and down the hills again - felt good - and this time I expanded the route - that made me feel good too, knowing that I was able to go further than before. Then on Sunday, as I am usually the first one up in the morning, while everyone else was still sleeping, I went out for a power walk/jog in the neighborhood. I took the same path I had done before: jog five blocks; power walk up hill 4 blocks; power jog for one block up the steepest part of the incline; power walk half a block up a slight incline; jog the rest of that block; power walk two blocks on flat surface, then downhill; then I added two extra blocks on the flat part to jog four blocks to the end. Not too bad. Next came Monday, too tired to get up early to do anything. Monday evening is keeping everyone on track for their weekly schedule - which means NO EXERCISE for me. 


    But Monday night, as I walked to the Metro at 6:30 - knowing fully well my window of opportunity to get any exercise in that night had already passed - I noticed all the young and middle-age women walking in the street in their exercise clothes. Had they already gone to the gym for a workout?! How could they have gotten a workout in so quickly? And it wasn't just one pair of women, I spotted several groupings on my way to the Metro. Do they just "punch out" of work at 5:00pm and head straight to the gym? Is that what it takes? Excuses aside, I can't just do that - work doesn't necessarily end at 5:00 on the dot. For me, this night, it was over at 6:30. OK chalk that one up. I know I need to get in the game.


    Tuesday I went in to work early so that I could be sure I left at 5:00pm.  I did. And I went home and rode my bike. OK, I made the extra effort and it felt good. So what have I noticed so far? I lost one pound. I guess that is better than nothing. But I really have to figure out a way to get this into my regular schedule. It won't work any other way.

Published On: May 11, 2010