On the Road to Weight Loss: Next Up, the Seven Day Diet

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  • I have to do it! There's just no other way. Even though I was trying desperately not to... I am going to do, yes, a seven-day DIET. I really didn't want to turn to a "diet" - I wanted to make this a life changing experience, something that would stick with me forever. But I NEED something to kick start my weight loss! If I don't lose some weight soon I think I am going to lose my sanity!  OK, really, I fear I am going to loss my motivation and commitment.


    It's been four and a half months and at my peak I had lost about seven pounds. It felt so good to have gone down a whole digit in the tens column. That was motivation!  But it didn't matter what I did after that, nothing happened!  I watched how much I ate, I ate healthier, lower calorie food, I started exercising (though, I admit, not consistently), but still no change.

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    Then, just the other day we had a family event and after getting all dressed up, I couldn't believe how I looked in the photos (I know they don't lie)!  My sisters and I realized we have turned into the "elder relatives" of whom we have an image in our heads from childhood. The heavy set women in the family that we saw at family gatherings who kissed all the kids, told us how much we looked like our mother and cooked up a storm for the family meal. And now WE are looking like THEM!  We never thought it would happen, but it has. Without us really knowing, we have morphed into the heavy-set aunts of the family. And we really don't want that and certainly don't want our nieces and nephews to remember us that way! WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT!


    So there is only one thing to do --- the seven day diet. I NEED to get some of this weight off in order to be inspired to continue. If I can seriously lose 10 pounds I KNOW that is going to be the jumpstart to the rest.  So I have to DIET, Yes D-I-E-T!  I cannot resign myself to be this weight (at this age) and only to look forward to gaining more! IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  So first, I have to this. I am turning to one of those eat only one egg, yogurt and grapefruit for breakfast, 4 oz of salmon and a salad for lunch, ½ a handful of nuts and dried berries for a snack, grilled chicken and a steamed veggie for dinner --- and do it over and over and over again for 7 days DIET. So no matter how little you exercise, walking up a flight of stairs will burn off more calories than taken in from a full day of this plan. And that's the point, make it easy to drop some weight. And that is exactly what I need.


    Afterall, look at the celebrities who are turning to the "diet" plans to lose weight. They look FABULOUS! They have lost like 40 pounds or more in only 8 or 12 weeks, eating "whatever they want" and they still look GREAT! (some of them - even males, I'll admit - are now weighting LESS than I do!) And the women are dropping three and four dress sizes!


    So, it's time. I've got to hit the ole' diet.  In the end, I guess, I'd rather resign to start a diet than to resign to give up my weight loss effort. I'm going to do it. I can't give up; I've got to just get started in any way necessary to take some weight off so that I'll start to feel better,  like I can really do it. Let's see if this old fashion way works.

Published On: May 01, 2010