My Seven Day Diet Defeat

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    I sort of expected it from the get go. I tried to convince myself that I needed a seven-day diet to get me started on my weight loss program. NOTHING else was working. And even though I told myself it was a last resort just to jump start the weight loss, I must admit, from the get go I really didn't think I was going to be able to carry it out. And of course, not only did I fail, I FAILED MISERABLEY!!


    Seven-day diet, hmmmmm. I didn't even last three days. I started out well with the first day's breakfast - toast and peanut butter and a cup of coffee, and, oh yes, a half of a grapefruit. Really that wasn't too bad. Mid-morning, no snacks. Then for lunch I did well with a can of tuna (though, since they didn't mention if I could mix in some mayonnaise or not, I ate it plain so as not to throw off the entire calorie count). Plain tuna on a piece of dry toast is not that appealing! Nonetheless, I held strong. I added a cup of cold green tea (with sweetner --- something I haven't had in a long time) and lunch was over.  So far, so good. Then, mid-afternoon there was no mention of a snack so I held off.

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    Well, as life has to go on, diet or no diet, I had to cook for my children's International Day that was taking place at school the next day. OK, realistically, how can I cook three different ethnic dishes that are going to served to children at school without even tasting them?  You get where this is going?  I DIDN'T EVEN MAKE IT THROUGH DAY ONE!


    OK. The next day's a new day. I'll try again. This time I am ready. I had done the little trial run the day before; I knew what to expect I started again, got past the peanut butter first thing in the morning (that really wouldn't have been my choice), and I was prepared for the dry tuna coming up for lunch. I handled that like a pro.  I was even well-prepared for dinner. I planned the family dinner by incorporating what I was suppose to eat --- lean meat or chicken, one cup of green beans and one cup of carrots - into the meal that everyone was eating so it wouldn't be so noticeable that I was "dieting."  Since I was allowed to have a cup of regular vanilla ice cream for dessert, that meal went smoothly.   (And though I had to slip an apple in there as well, no one really noticed.)  So there. I did it. I got one day under my belt! I didn't feel any lighter and I must admit. I was a bit hungry by bed time --- but that's how you're suppose to feel when you diet, right? That means, something should be happening, right?


    OK. Day two. Stepped on the scale --- and of course, NOTHING. But what can I really expect in one day.  Nonetheless, it sort of set the tone for the day. The dry toast and egg for breakfast was harder to get down. And the choice between cottage cheese or (dry) tuna was just too unappealing.  But before I gave up, I decided to do some quick research to see if I could substitute this diet for another --- a red flag for diet failure if I ever saw one!


    And then it happened. Instead of finding other diet options, the first information popping up from the google search of "diet" was how wrong it is to diet, how self-defeating and on and on about how dieting is just masking deep underlying issues that need to be addressed is weight loss is going to occur and be successful. So, with not even two days completed, my DIET attempt was over!


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    Back to square one - healthy food, portion control and back to the track!

Published On: June 30, 2010