Renewing My Commitment to My Weight Loss Effort

Maryee Health Guide
  • Many people renew their wedding vows after a few years of marriage.  Some do it to remind them of their original commitment; others to keep them on tract with their previous commitment; and still others as a personal recommitment to what they feel deep inside as something they truly want to achieve in their life.


    My sisters and I started out on this weight loss journey only 6 months ago.  And like so many other women we had been through all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, diets and exercise plans that you could ever imagine! But somehow this past January was different.  We are five sisters (out of eight children) born within nine years of each other and now hitting the age range between 42- 51.  We were considered to be "in shape" when we were younger. We were active in high school sports and continued on with some sort of "keep in shape plan" as we went through our 20s and 30s. But somehow hitting the 40s and beyond, we just can't seem to get our act together get into a physical shape we are happy with.

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    So we thought that by really supporting each other and working out with each other and having each other to fall back on for support and we would DEFINITELY be able to do this: work out and lose the weight; get into the healthy shape that we wanted to and NOT turn into the "old, heavy-set women of the family" (may they all rest in peace and send us down some guidance!) So we made a commitment at the beginning of the year to give it our all and start a weight loss effort that would carry us through life. We vowed to eat conscientiously and healthily, engage in exercise, and in general change what needed to be changed in our individual lifestyles so that we lose the weight we want and get into shape. Throughout our effort, we vowed to be supportive of each other and keep each other on track.


    Well, six months later, other than being EVEN MORE aware of how out of shape we are, despite a decent effort we have not made much progress. Not one of us hit the 10 pound mark for losing weight (and my goal was way beyond that!)  We are a bit baffled as to why it is so difficult to take this weight off. We didn't seem to have had this kind of a problem in our younger years. Is it the age - and all that goes with it? Do we need to exert more of any effort now that we are older?


    Though we each made some changes, not one of us really feels like we consistently gave it a 100% effort and so, beginning at the halfway mark of the year, we are renewing our commitment to our weight loss effort. We still believe we can do this! And we are still committed to getting in shape once and for all!


    So here goes, in keeping with the traditional (wedding) vows, we recommit ourselves to have and to hold a healthy diet and appropriate and consistent exercise routine, for better or worse (to stick with it on days that yield positive results as well as those that don't), for richer or poorer (to find economical ways to exercise and buy and eat healthy food - avoiding cheaper prepackaged junk food), in sickness and in health (whether we feel up to exercising or not!) from this day forward (starting, again, TODAY), til death do us part (to make this a life changing, life-lasting effort!)



Published On: July 07, 2010