My Re-Commitment to Exercising is Working!

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  • Since I made the "re-commitment" with my sisters to REALLY do this and lose the weight, I have really stepped up my game.  We started off training for the 5K run and that helped get me started. And this time I am really putting some effort behind it. Even though I was "jogging/power walking," I realized I had to start pushing myself in order to see some results.


    Once I ran the 5K on my own, without stopping, I knew that this was the level I needed to be at everyday. Yes, it is work and it is a commitment, but this is what it takes in order to make and maintain a REAL change.


    So for the last few weeks I have been biking or jogging just about everyday - and now I've added swimming into the mix. I am at the point now where if I don't do some kind of exercise, I feel bad. It really does make a difference! 

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    So everyday I either hit the track and run 3 miles, bike 10 miles, or swim. When I jog I do a countdown as I go around the track. I like to know exactly how much I going to run, do it, and be done with it. OK, 3 miles - 12 laps. I count, and make sure I say the number out loud every time I go around.  12, 11 are the warm-ups (the part when I think, "Do I really have to do 12 laps?!") By lap 10 I am feeling better and can pick up the pace a bit. 9,8,7, feeling pretty good.  6, halfway there. 5,4, I've done 2 miles already, now the countdown. 3,2,1,0  I'm done. I did it and feel good about it.


    Biking is probably the easiest of the three. And it's something I can do even in the real hot weather. At the beginning I was doing about 6 miles - to and from my designated point. It is up and down hills so I felt I was getting some work in. But because I was coasting on the downhills, I felt like I could handle more. So at the midpoint I added in about four miles of flat terrain. Now I'm biking about 10 miles with hills included. I finish on an uphill section - and it feels good to get to the top and finish!


    For swimming, I recently I discovered a new indoor swimming pool. On bad weather days or days that I have less time I just go to the pool swim some laps and I'm done. It's not too hard and I feel like I am working my whole body.  My son told me that 32 lengths of the pool equals one mile. I am no where near swimming that much. The most I have done so far is 10 lenghts - and that feels pretty good. The best part about the swimming is that there is a whirlpool there, so I get a little reward for doing my exercising!


    After each workout I've added a short exercise routine at home - 50 jumping jacks, 75 sit ups, 15 squats, 50 jumping jacks, 25 each of leg lifts together, individually and in bike form. Done.


    And the results?  I am definitely feeling better....and I lost 7 pounds!!! And my BMI is now 26.8 --- down from 28 and much closer to the Normal range of 15.5-24.9 Yeaaaah, finally this is making a difference. No one would really notice it yet, (because I have a lot further to go), but I notice, and I am feeling like I can do this! And it feels great!

Published On: August 11, 2010