Weigh Loss: My First Major Milestone

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  • It's a time to celebrate - and yes, I am going to allow myself a mini-celebration (though nothing with food). I reached my first major milestone on this journey to losing weight and reaching my goal of losing 30 pounds. I have now lost 10 pounds! And in order for me to declare this victory and claim that I lost that much, by my own determination, I have to had lose and keep off the 10 pounds for at least 3 days. And that I have!!


    My BMI is now 26.3; down from 28 when I first started and much closer to breaking the "over weight" category of the BMI calculation at 25. Once I break 25, I will not "technically" be overweight anymore - though my personal opinion is that I will still need to lose some weight in order to reach my optimal weight.

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    Nonetheless, I am THRILLED that I lost 10 pounds and kept it off. That is one third of the total weight that I feel I need to lose; that is the first time in a loooooooong time that I lost this amount of weight and kept it off; that is a reason for celebration, that I am on my way and that if I can lose this amount of weight, I can keep going and lose the next 10 pounds and the next 10 pounds after that!  And I will reach my ultimate goal!


    For once, in a very, very long time, I feel that I can ACTUALLY do this. I know I have had it in my mind that this time I was going to stay committed and lose the weight. But now, I feel even stronger. I have put in the time. I have put in the effort. I have run the 3 miles several times a week. I have ridden my bike 10 miles on alternate days. I have even sought out and found other ways of exercising by finding the local pool in my neighborhood. And I swam 8-10 lengths when I have gone swimming.


    I also have a much better understanding of what it REALLY takes for a mid-age woman (that sound sooooooooo old!) like me, compared to the younger woman I think I am, to lose weight. Now, for me, it really means putting in the time and putting in the effort every day.  EXERCISE is KEY. Doing something everyday makes a significant difference.  Most every day of these last few months I have done some kind of (significant) exercise. And there have been a few days that I skipped. On those days, I can now really tell the difference. I feel different. And I've not gotten to the point that I actually feel bad or guilty if I don't get out and do something. I absolutely now notice the difference!  


    And I must say, with me becoming so much more aware on a day-to-day basis of what I am doing and eating everyday, it is becoming a life-changing experience --- as opposed to just a fad. And I knew from the outset that that is what I needed to do - make a lifestyle change-in order for this really work (for me to lose the weight that I wanted and KEEP it off).


    I know I am not there yet it terms of reaching my ultimate weight loss goal, but I am on the right track. And having lost 1/3 of the total weight that I want to, I feel I've made significant progress. I know I need to stick with this, to not let up on the daily exercise and to keep a constant eye on what I am eating. But having reached this point gives me more confidence that I can!

Published On: September 07, 2010