The Big Push

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  • I really want to hit the mark. I know I am not close to reaching the original goal I set out for myself at the beginning of the year --- that is, to lose 40 pounds --- but I still have a chance to hit a significant milestone before the end of the year. And I really want to get there. And so, the big push is on!


    I have made some significant progress since I began my weight loss attempt last January, enough that I can feel and see the change. And that has also led to a new attitude and approach about my weight loss effort. Though it may have been a slow start, I have lost 15-16 pounds and kept it off for over two months now.

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    So while I know I won't lose all of the 40 pounds that I set out to do this year, if I can lose just 4 more pounds I will move out of the category of "overweight" and be in within my "normal" weight range!! That, to me, is huge!!! I can't remember the last time I was within the "normal" range!  And all it will take is 4 lousy pounds!


    I know, I know, 4 pounds you might say, is a piece of cake - just do it! Compared to the 15 I've already taken off, 4 pounds should be a walk in the park. But it ain't that easy. As I said, I've kept the 15 pounds off for over two months. So for over two months I've been at the same point on the scale --- and I can't seem to get it budge!!!


    It's been incredibly frustrating! Having gotten so far and gotten to a point where I have reduced my clothes size, it's almost unbelievable to me that I can shed another 4 pounds. One of my biggest fears has taken hold --- that summer would turn to winter, and all the time I put in during the warn weather months, sweating it out running, swimming and biking would all be for naught as the winter set in and I didn't have an opportunity to exercise. The last thing I want is to have worked this hard, accomplished this much and then have it turn to winter and have all the weight return.


    But now I have to do it! One way or another. I can't let the winter dulldrums get the best of me. That has always been my downfall - it gets colder outside, you can't get out an exercise, you eat warn, comfort (and high calorie) foods, and bing, bam, before you know it all the progress you made to get in shape has gone to waste.


    But I am not going to let it happen. This time, during this attempt, I have LEARNED so much! I am NOT going to let it all go to waste. I need to stay the course, and not only that, I need to pull out all the stops to lose 4 more pounds before the end of the year. Whatever it takes, I know I won't reach my goal of losing 40 pounds this year, and I know I have more weight to lose than just 4 more. But if I can lose 4 more pounds and get into the "normal" category, it'll be such an insentive to me to keep going until I reach my goal.


    I am on my way. I am strong and I have to sty strong, But I am confident that I will get there and keep on going from there. To me, it's a one way strret And if   you get on the path, we just keep going with the flow.


Published On: December 13, 2010