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  • New Year, New Resolutions, New Outlook


    It's New Year's Eve again - amazing how quickly time passes by! Seems only a year ago I was making a firm, serious, dedicated resolution to FINALLY lose the 40 pounds I honestly thought I needed to lose in order to be healthy. I vowed to not only try to lose the weight, but to do it in a very conscientious way that would instill new ways of approaching food and weight and the overall fitness level of my body.


    And although I did not lose the complete 40 pounds I intended, I did take off and keep off 15 pounds and along the way, more importantly, I learned a lot about what it really takes for a woman my age --- in the mid-40s - to be able to lose the weight and keep it off.

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    I must say, even for being so aware that I was overweight and knowing that 40 pounds was a lot of excess weight to be carrying around, I was thoroughly surprised to find how difficult it would be to start losing. I had in my head what seemed to be a relatively easy effort of losing weight when I was in my twenties - watching what I ate for a week or so and jogging a couple times a week, and before you knew it I was back in shape. I really thought, with a serious effort, it was going to be that easy! I was dead wrong!


    Even with will power and a strong desire to lose the weight, it was difficult to start doing the exercise! I tried to run and couldn't sustain it, I couldn't even do 25 real jumping jacks! I ate almost nothing and the scale wouldn't budge! I was almost defeated before I even really go started!


    Looking back over the past year I realize that I concentrated a lot of my beginning effort on what I was eating instead of what I was doing! Of course paying attention to what you eat is a big part of getting in shape and losing weight, but what I've come to find is that especially for middle age women, the level of physical activity is more important and without a serious workout effort there will be no weight loss!


    So now, this New Year's Eve, I say I am not finished yet! I am continuing with my resolution to lose the 40 pounds - and as being an older, and wiser woman, I am not concerned that I didn't reach the goal in one year. I am satisfied that I actually made a real attempt and stayed focused throughout the year. I made lifestyle changes that I have maintained. And I lost weight. Fifteen pounds is nothing to laugh about. I feel better. I look better and I wear my clothes better. I even got a compliment from someone who I haven't seen in 20 years who, after seeing a photo of me on facebook, commented that I look "amazing." I never thought I hear that!


    I have made a change. But I also know I am not in top shape yet. Though I lowered my BMI and am now in the 25 range (down from 28 at this time last year) I am still in the "overweight" category. And realistically, I know I need to lose another 20-30 pounds.


    So, with a new outlook and a new year I am now ready and committed to make a new resolution take it to the next level and reach my weight loss goal. I will get out of the "overweight" category and into the "healthy" range. And I will loss another 20-30 pounds! And this year I have the knowledge and confidence to do it!

  • Happy, healthy New Year!

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Published On: December 31, 2010