New Year Assessment

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  • It's New Year's Day. I've made my resolutions. I am committed to reaching the weight loss goal that I set out last year and didn't quite meet.


    But first, it's time to make an assessment to see where I am, how far I've come and where I need to go.  One year ago I pledged to lose 40 pounds. I didn't quite make it, but I did lose 15 pounds and kept it off. That for me is a huge accomplishment! I started last year with a BMI at 28 - which was overweight, bordering obese - that was scary.  I am now at a BMI of 25.5, still in the "overweight" category - and that's a bit of a disappointment that I didn't get out of that category last year, but I am all the more ready to do it this year!

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    In addition to the weight, I dropped two clothes sizes. I started out last year wearing a size 14 --- I was at my heaviest weight ever!  I am now in a size 10 - which, really I can't remember the time I wore that size, it has to be years!


    I am feeling better. I think I look a little better. I am wearing my clothes better.  And I am able to more exercise, at a better pace than when I started last year.


    But all that said, I am not at my goal weight. My body is not in its best shape. And by that I don't mean to say that I am not in model shape, I really don't expect to get to that level. But truth be told I know I still am carrying extra weight. I look in the mirror and while I am starting to see my shape come back there is still extra weight in all the key places - thighs, hips, and derriere! There is more work to be done - weight to be lost and toning take place.


    So where do I go from here? I think I have learned to take it step by step and not expect things to happen all at once. So here goes. #1 Since I actually regained two pounds during the holidays --- which I really had hoped I'd be able to ward off --- I need to get those two pounds off first. #2 Next I need to focus on losing the next several pounds that will take me into the "normal" category --- a place where I haven't been in a very long time! That in and of itself will be a huge accomplishment!  But that's no place to stop. #3 Stay the course and continue to work hard to get the rest of weight off until I reach my goal. And as I do that make sure that I am toning as well.


    I have my work cut out for me. But it is the beginning of a new year and I am ready to go.

    I am better positioned this year because I truly have a better understanding of what it takes for a middle-aged woman to lose weight. It's hard work. And I am ready to put in the effort. I have also seen some of results of my dedication to getting the weight off. And I see, and feel, that it is worth it.


    I know I can do it. I know if I stick with the work I began last year I can get there. I am confident that, even if it takes me another six or eight months or so I will do it. There's no quick fix; it's a process, a long, life-changing process. And I am ready to begin again and get to the end point this year.

Published On: January 01, 2011