Weight Loss Attempt - Part II

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  • It's fifteen days into the new year; time for a check in. I had gained a few pounds during the holiday stretch from Thanksgiving through New Year's - though I did my best to get in a short run or two when there were unusual breaks in the cold weather. Overall, I gained about 2-3 pounds and I must say, now that I am used to stepping on the scale every morning, seeing that weight gain was a bit unsettling. I knew it was a difficult time of year, partaking in so many celebratory events and tons of great food, so I guess it was to be expected that I would regain a few pounds. But I didn't like it one bit. It was getting a little scary seeing those numbers on the scale start to edge upward.

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    But once the new  year rang in, I made the commitment to shed the few pounds that I gained and get back on course to losing the additional weight that I had intended to lose last year. OK, so two weeks later I have taken the first step and gotten back down to my pre-holiday weight. That is, I've lost to 2-3 three pounds of cake, cookies, eggnog and stuffing that I let myself overindulge during the holidays!

    Now,  a reality check. While I did lose 15 pounds last year and kept it off, and did take plenty of opportunity to pat myself on the back for doing so and for saying how good I was feeling, the reality is - I am still fat. Yes, I'll say it again, I AM STILL FAT.  Or in clinical terms, I AM STILL OVERWEIGHT.  I am not fit.  I have excess weight that I can stand to lose --- around my stomach, on my hips and of course, the last place women lose weight, on my thighs. My body is not yet in good, overall physically fit shape. I cannot kid myself and let myself think that this is the best I can do. IT IS NOT!  I pledged to get completely into shape and that is what I have to do.

    And that means I have to stay the course and continue will a strong willed effort to get the rest of the weight off this year. From here, I need to take off another 15 -20 pounds. And I know that won't be easy.  I fully get that it means work. Work with a capital W! I have to continue to find ways to work out - even during these coldest days of winter when I am dressed in three layers of clothes just to stay warm.  While I may not feel like putting on a pair of shorts to exercise I can certainly make sure I walk up and down the stairs a few extra times during the day; I can do jumping jacks inside the house several times a day and I can use the exercise bench to lift weights.

    I figure I need to be able to get through the next month or so without gaining any weight at all! Then if I can manage to lose a pound, or two or three or four, all the better.  I'll be in a better place as coming into Spring and ready to reve it up to lose the rest of the weight that I am determined to lose this year. It's taken me a year to get to the halfway mark and that's ok because I see now that the slow, steady approach has helped me keep it off. But now I am giving myself the same timeframe - one year--- to complete the second half of my mission. And I am confident I can do it!


Published On: January 25, 2011