Calculating Weight Loss

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  • I am arming myself with a new toolkit in my battle to lose weight and get in shape. It's time to turn to the pros - those who have more knowledge, can figure out the ins and outs of things and just spit out the correct information. Someone who can step in and do all the necessary calculations for me and just show me the results so I know what to do next. I signed on to use one of those online weight loss calculation sites and will help me monitor what I am eating by allowing me to list all the foods I eat while it breaks all down for me in turns of not only number of calories, but all how many carbs, proteins and sugar I am eating.

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    This site asks me what my weight loss goal is then helps me map out how to get there. It really gives me all the information I need and steers me in the right direction. It puts all the information out there right in front of me so I can actually SEE if I am on target for the day or not. First, after defining my goals, it lets me know how many calories I am supposed to take in compared to how much I am burning through exercise in order to get the results I want. From there it tells me how many grams of fat I should be eating compared to how many gram of carbs and how many grams of protein. For each thing I eat it calculates it out and I can see exactly what I have left for the day and where I need to fill in the gaps.

    It has been extremely helpful to have this right in front of me. If I have a scrambled egg and wheat toast for breakfast I can that I've only eaten about 190 calories for breakfast (70 from the egg, and 120 from whole wheat toast). Adding a cucumber, tomato and bean salad for lunch shows me that I have now eaten approximately one-third of all the calories I should eat in a day. I've also eaten about one-third of all the carbs I should eat and one-third of all the fats I should eat but I have only eaten about one-fifth of all the protein I should eat.

    I think this is going to be helpful to me in monitoring the rest of the food I eat for the day. Clearly I have enough remaining calories to eat a sensible meal for dinner, but I should try to gain more protein and be careful of the amount of carbs and fat I add on.  On my end, I think it is helpful if I stay alittle below the number of fats and carbs that are allowed.

    In addition to that, it gives me ideas - with all the calories counted out - of what I could eat for certain meals. And interestingly it shows be the difference of the number of calories between say, black beans and white means (did you know that white beans have more calories?) and the difference between the number of calories in a scrambled egg and a hard boiled egg (why would there be a difference? Isn't an egg, an egg, egg? Why does a hard boiled egg have 105 calories and a scrambled egg only 70?) It might help me decide which way to eat an egg in the more - and avoid extra calories at the same time.

    All in all I think I am going to like this calorie counting tool. It does all the brain work for me, all I have to do is follow the map that laid out for me.

Published On: March 12, 2012