Cardiologist Says “You Can Do Better!”

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  • Clearly the recent holidays were not kind to my efforts to watch my cholesterol levels. Last week I went in for my quarterly blood screen, and got my results yesterday: the verdict from my cardiologist? You can do better, but don't beat yourself up.


    My overall level of cholesterol was still under 200, but my LDL jumped up to 93 (from a previous number of 65) and my triglycerides dropped slightly but remain a bit higher than I would like. The past few weeks have been a cookout, eat out, and eat at friend's house bonanza so it has been hard to monitor my diet - basically, too much rich food, and too much processed food. Plus, I have been a bit on the lazy side when it comes to exercise due to the extreme heat and haven't been as aggressive with my workout regimen over the past six weeks.

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    Two very positive notes during my visit was the fact that my weight has not increased since my last visit (it had actually dropped about four pounds two months ago), and that my blood pressure has come under control where now my readings are consistently in the mid-120s and high-seventies range. I do think that my diet (eating shredded wheat every day has certainly helped) and improvements in managing stress levels are the big reason for this positive result. Additionally, my blood sugar level seems to have dropped slightly after leveling off for several months. I will certainly take those results as a win this time.


    The great thing about my cardiologist is that he doesn't cause his patients panic or admonish them, he is very reasonable and understands that we are all humans, we falter, and many of us are under a lot of stress. He issued a bit of challenge and wants me to be prepared to take a stress test in November, after my next round of blood results, so I have a few months to get back in tip top shape for that one.


    In the meantime, I'll have to cut down on the rich foods and definitely mostly avoid that favorite summer food: processed meats.

Published On: July 16, 2010