Cholesterol Awareness Month – My Cholesterol Experience Nine Years Later

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  • I admit it, I am a bit late on my game this month and just last week remembered that September is Cholesterol Awareness Month - my bad. What is interesting is that my high cholesterol and the beginning of my fight against heart disease started in September of 2001, so this month does take a special meaning for me.


    I am happy with how things have worked out since that Saturday morning call that I received from my doctor back in 2001 with the news that my cholesterol was out of control. Since that day, my overall cholesterol is under 200, and my HDL numbers on average have grown considerably over the past nine years. Yes, I do have to credit Lipitor with helping me control my cholesterol, but again, I am also fighting an unwinnable battle against my genes, so I will gladly take Lipitor's help on this one.

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    Today I consider myself a much better educated cholesterol patient. I am more careful and aware about my diet, I understand how different types of exercise affect my cholesterol numbers, and most of all I am conscious about how much my brain can impact my overall wellness. All these changes helped me improve my overall health and control my heart disease.  


    What I consider one of my proudest achievements over these past nine years has been my change in attitude and lifestyle which has helped me bring down my blood pressure numbers considerably. Only three years ago my blood pressure numbers were heading well into hypertension, but now I am down into the high end of normal. This did not come easy, but it was a journey that I had to make and based on the results, am happy that I did!


    The changes that I made really helped me and they were not great sacrifices at this point in my life. All I have to do is watch the parade of pills that my father has to take on a daily basis after his bypass surgery to remind me that the choices I made were easy in comparison. Cholesterol Awareness Month is a great time to think about making a change and commit to start living healthier. The great thing is that you will never be alone in this journey. During Cholesterol Awareness Month, our community here on HealthCentral provides great resources that you can use to help you along the way as you make that commitment to start living healthier.

Published On: September 28, 2010