Two Heart Healthy Habits: Walking and Tomatoes

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  • The great benefits of walking on a daily basis to promote a healthier heart are well documented. It's not only easy, but also fairly cheap...just slip on a pair of decent sneakers and get on the road. There is no need for expensive gym memberships or equipment. But, how would you like to burn more fat and make bigger cardio gains? You can do just that by following three simple rules:


    Find diverse routes - change up your walking routine by walking different routes and lengths. Your body will have a tendency of "remembering" a routine exercise so keep it on its toes and change things up a bit. By switching terrains and routes you will exercise different muscles and keep your workout more interesting. I love walking and have several different routes and terrains that I walk on a weekly basis. For example, walking on sand burns twice as many calories than walking on asphalt.

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    Use different grades - Walking up hill can help burn calories at a much faster rate. Look for routes that have slow rising grades and ones that have short but steep grades. Even an incline increase as small as a 10 percent grade can help you torch 30 percent more calories.

    Mix walking and running - By mixing in a minute of running (or brisk walking) between two-three minutes of walking will help you burn more calories, give you a better cardio workout, and get you in better shape faster.


    Walking 30 minutes every day is a fairly easy way to get (or stay) in shape and a great way to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system.


    If you are having trouble controlling your triglyceride counts look no further than the tomatoes section at your local farmers market of grocery store. In recent studies young adults who consumed lots of fresh tomatoes experienced lower triglyceride levels and higher HDL (good) cholesterol levels - after only 6 weeks!


    Tomatoes and tomato juice are rich in phenols, and researchers credit these disease-fighting compounds with helping to keep unhealthful blood fats in check. So, with summer (and tomato season) right around the corner, top your salads with sliced tomatoes, include slices of this wonderful fruit in your turkey and whole wheat sandwiches, and drown your spaghetti in marinara sauce. Bon appetit!!

Published On: February 21, 2011