The Importance of Influencing Heart Healthy Habits

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  • We all know that children learn from their parents and model their behaviors based upon what they see their parents do.  So, it goes without saying that the next generation of children all around the world are learning what to eat and how to eat from what they see and do each day in their homes and in their schools. 

    I have written at length about the latest studies, healthy diets, getting out and exercising, staying motivated through it all, and being healthy forgivers when we don’t live up to our own expectations for change.  I know each of you have embraced difficult changes and I hope I have helped at least a bit with encouragement and information. 

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    Really, each of you is a hero in your own right.  Each one of you is a ripple making what appear to be only small changes but when viewed globally represent sea changes.  One change, one try is all it takes to start and you have started.  As a result of starting, of trying, of doing, of battling high cholesterol, you are profoundly influencing those around you.  The positive impacts those changes to your habits, diet, and activity have had will continue to the larger circle of people that surround you, including both young and adult children, friends, and colleagues.  You are influencers and change agents.


    As you have worked in healthier foods into your diet, your children and friends have learned new ways of eating too.  Perhaps your diet changes have inspired others to try new, healthier choices.  Know for sure that your children will carry this knowledge with them and hopefully apply it when they are adults.  If you have started to exercise more and lose weight, you have probably experienced a corresponding increase in self-confidence and strength, all of which makes you a better person to live with and be around every day.  Everyone around you learns from your struggles to overcome obstacles, inertia, and willpower failures when it comes to diet and exercise.  When your children see you rally, they learn to rally and become stronger and better themselves as young and older adults who are better able to handle the challenges life will send their way.  If you gave up smoking, you have significantly improved not only your own health, but the health of all who surround you. 

    As you have changed, you have inspired.  The biggest audience is your family.  It is so important that each one of you who is a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a sister inspire the next generation to eat healthfully and exercise.  The example you are already setting is the most important of all.  There are far too many obese children and children with diabetes and heart disease.  Yes, heart disease is now present in grade school believe it or not.  

    So, today, I salute you the heroes who are trying and giving it their best.  You have the power to influence and to change at a micro level, which in turn, benefits everyone.

Published On: June 03, 2011