Pre-Cholesterol Testing Rituals

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  • Living with high cholesterol is what my blog is all about.  It is also what dominates my daily life in many ways: food choices, exercising, supplements, Lipitor, self-control with food and drink and generally being a police officer for myself.  So, now, I am facing the always much anticipated and much planned for day of bloodletting where I get to show just what a good job I have been doing, or not,  and where I hope to survive the nurses hunt for my vein, which is always traumatizing in addition to being very painful.


    To say that I am a competitive is an understatement and whenever numbers are involved, I prefer the best.  I love that gold star!  The pressure starts to mount for me usually about two to three weeks before the appointment.  I begin to think about all the ways I broke with my heart disease diet protocols by scarfing down a big cheeseburger with onion rings and a beer one weekend and then belly flopping into a wonderful Italian style pizza with tons of cheese on the next, but always with wine of course!

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    What is funny is that I even think that it's possible to make up for past mistakes by maintaining a pristine diet for the two weeks before the test.  As if this activity will somehow make the numbers better.  Regardless, I have my ritual and I stick to it.  I make sure to eat oatmeal every day, get two servings of salmon a week, and become an uber vegetarian at lunch time...salads each and every day.   I refuse all carbs and desserts, because I am on a mission, a mission to secure the best possible numbers.  This in turn means that I am just fooling myself into believing that I can somehow control the results with these antics and somehow erase any mistakes I have made.  It just doesn't work that way with cholesterol though.


    As luck would have it, though, I have been successful in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, but it has nothing to do with my crazy pre-test antics and everything to do with all the times I stuck to the plan over the six month period preceding the test by eating correctly, exercising, and staying on my medication regimen.  It turns out that eating badly will not make your blood work suddenly bad overnight as in one day your cholesterol is low, then you eat a vat of cheese, and the next day your cholesterol is out of the ballpark.  Cholesterol just doesn't work that way.  Cholesterol is insidious and quiet just like cancer, and it makes its presence known over time, which is why sticking with the healthy diet, exercise and medicine works so well and cramming two weeks before the test does not. 


    Now, if I could extend my crazy ritual to every day of the year, I would be golden!  There is the challenge.

Published On: June 22, 2011