Health Central Launches Healthcare '08 Site!

Laura Editor
  • Hello everyone! 


    The 2008 election is just starting to heat up, and we're bringing the key health issues right to you! Health Central is excited to announce the launch of their new interactive HealthCare08 tool. The site is focused on the upcoming presidential election and each candidate's platform.


    Some of the site's features include:


    • Ability to see how candidates differ on their platforms, broken down into six health issues, including drug prices and universal healthcare
    • Ability to plot yourself, based on your own views of healthcare reform, next to presidential candidates
    • Ability to see where expert patients from each vertical fall on the graph, and what they have to say about healthcare reform
    • Attractive design with easy-to-navigate flash graphics
    Check it out and see where you stand!
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Published On: January 16, 2008