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Dan Dougherty

Dan Dougherty, Community Member

Dan Dougherty is a resident of Glenside and a graduate of Cheltenham High School in Wyncote. He is a person with epilepsy and is a volunteer with the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern PA. As a member of Professionally Speaking Toastmasters in Jenkintown for 7 years in April, he is currently the Vice President of PR for the Club. Dan is also a member of the Emerging Speakers Bureau. Living with epilepsy over 30 years and using the public speaking skills from Toastmasters, Dan now is an Epilepsy Advocate to raise awareness to the public. In 2013, Dan spoke at many local Pennsylvania Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs. Dan also had the opportunity to be a guest speaker a few times to Jefferson Nursing students. Also has had his story published online and print. He is now reaching out in his 2014 speaking tour to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Life Surprises: An Unfolding Story

Life’s Surprises: An unfolding Story!

By Dan Dougherty

It is late spring of 1972 and I am in my mother’s dreams.  On June 8th that dream was fulfilled as I came into the world, but gave my parents an unexpected shock of a lifetime by... Read moreChevron

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Maria Ligos

Maria Ligos, Community Member


Normal Cholesterol? Knowing Your Particle Type Matters

Physicians are quick to recommend statins when a patient has high cholesterol, but what went wrong when someone with normal cholesterol suddenly dies from a massive heart attact? The answer may not be in the cholesterol value alone, but the type of cholesterol or specifically, particle size.


Most people have heard of HDL... Read moreChevron

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Pistachios and Sunflower Seeds Reduce Cholesterol Levels


Pistachios Pictures

In several studies, adding 2-4 oz of pistachios per day for 4 weeks to a low-fat diet reduced total and LDL cholesterol levels for about 10%. In average, consuming pistachios did not increase... Read moreChevron

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Stephanie, Community Member


Blurred vision in one eye with headache

At about 8:00pm tonight I realized my left eye was blurry, but not my right eye and shortly after I started getting a headache that radiated from the back of my head forward. The blurred vision and headache seemed to get better then worse. I still have a mild headache, but my eye is no longer blurry. Is this just a bad headache and possible... Read moreChevron

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