• Sully Sully
    April 27, 2013
    DANGEROUS Trig/HDL ratio?
    Sully Sully
    April 27, 2013

    My husband's TOTAL cholesterol was tested to be 150 and he skipped home in the best mood.  HOWEVER, looking at his report;


    TOTAL Cholesterol =150 mg/dl

    LDL = 60 mg/dl

    HDL = 30 mg/dl

    TRIG = 299 mg/dl


    I calculated his TRIG/HDL ratio = 10!


    Regarding heart attack risk, I read this on a medical report:

    "The ideal ratio of Trig/HDL is 2 or below. 4 is high. 6 is dangerous!!"


    I have not said anything to him, but every report I've read says his ratio is at an extremely dangerous ratio level.


    Each increase to next category rating steps up in increments of "two";  to go from good to high, from high to dangerous... so, relatively speaking, a ratio rating of 10 is much, much higher than the "dangerous" 6!


    His other levels:

    Blood sugar: 91 mg/dl

    Blood pressure: 144/90 mmHg


    What shall we do now? 


    very concerned.




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