• dwshaqdaddy dwshaqdaddy
    February 25, 2010
    Should I be worried about my cholesterol numbers?
    dwshaqdaddy dwshaqdaddy
    February 25, 2010

    my numbers were very close to the Jack's averages in the article "Why “Average” Cholesterol Values Can Be So Bad" Total Chlor: 184 LDL: 119 HDL: 51 Tryigl:68 Chol/HDL ratio: 3.6 LDL/HDL ration: 2.3  My Doctor wants to put me on meds to lower my cholesterol. I really don't want to and would rather try a change in diet. Should I be worried and should I ask him to use the lipoprotein analysis to better check it.




  • reruho February 27, 2010
    February 27, 2010

    I think a better question to ask your doctor is why do you think I need to lower my cholesterol number which are really not bad at all?


    Do you have other risk factors for heart disease? Like a family history, obesity, high blood pressure or a previous heart attack or stoke. If you answer yes to any of the above and it is more than one yes, that would be a good reason.


    But if you only have one and it isn't a previous heart attack/stroke, then I would hesitate about statins.


    I am a victim of getting my cholesterol too low and I was feeling like crap and everyone (medical people, that is) was marveling at my TC of 105 and LDL of 45 and telling how great my numbers were. No one could tell me what was too low or if there was any health issues associated with extremely low cholesterol. When the depression. insomnia, hormonal and gallbladder issues started, I told the doctor it was time to stop the statin. On March 8th, I will be fully recovered after they take out my gallbladder.




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