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Q: High LDL-P

I am a 63 year old man and have the following blockages in my arteries: Middle Left-40 to 50 percent, Dig 60 to 70 percent, RCA  100 percent, OM2 100 percent.  Luckily, I have grown bypasses around the blocked arteries.  I have been under a cardiologist's care since my catherization.  I am on the following daily meds:Bystolic 2.5mg. , Niaspan 1,000mg, Crestor 40 mg, zetia 10mg, aspirin, 81mg, and take 1400 mg fish oil with 900mg omega 3.  my problem is that I cannot get my LDL-P lower than 1,000 regardless what I do.  I exercise 5 to 6 days a week at least 3 miles at 3.8mph and have altered my diet and my LDL-P is still @ 1258. My other results are: LDL-C 63, HDL-C 48, Triglycerides 55, total cholesterol 122, HDL-P (total) 29.6, small LDL-P 543, LDL size 20.7nm.Is there anything I can try to help lower my LDL-P? Thank you for your help. Thomas

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3/ 3/11 7:02pm

Hi Tommy,


It looks like you are on track with what you've tried. I'm going to assume you've implemented the diet/lifestyle changse to promote a lower LDL level. . .if not, go back and complete those steps. What I recommend trying next is altering the dosage of some of your supplements/medications by working with your physician. Maybe you need a higher dose of fish oil or a better quality product. Maybe your niacin intake needs to be boosted.


You may need to look and see if you have any nutrient/micronutrient deficiencies that may contribute. . .


Sorry, no quick and easy answer. More a matter of trial and error to see what is gonig to work.


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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