• Mrhealthy1 Mrhealthy1
    November 04, 2011
    How long does it take for cholesterol deposits to dissolve from the arteries.
    Mrhealthy1 Mrhealthy1
    November 04, 2011
    Also, I used to get what's called a stye on my eyelids. The doc cleaned out some crusty stuff. Is this related to cholesterol deposits? READ MORE


  • Tara Aschenbrenner, RN
    Health Guide
    November 06, 2011
    Tara Aschenbrenner, RN
    Health Guide
    November 06, 2011

    Hi Mrhealthy1:


    I am uncertain exactly how long it takes for cholesterol deposits to clear of your arteries. A lot of times, if a physician changes cholesterol medications or you change your diet and exercise they recommend having your lab (lipid panel (cholesterol/triglycerides)) rechecked in 3-6months, if that helps you any.


    I do encourage you to ask you doctor or cardiologist. They should have a good idea of a more specific time frame.


    Here is a link to information on Styes.


    Take care,



  • 2fast4u November 06, 2011
    November 06, 2011

    As far as your arteries go, there is no current treatemnt that will cause cholesterol deposits to dissolve and go away. There has been a small regression shown with aggressive statin treatment and cardio exercise, but it is very small and based on a study involving only a handful of participants.

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