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Thursday, February 18, 2010 Ida, Community Member, asks

Q: cannot take statins

My cholesterol has been high for a long a time.  However, I cannot tolerate statins.  I get terrible pains in my extremeties and all over my body.  Before I discovered the reason, statins, I came to a point where walking was very painful.  I have tried Lipator, zocar, benefedrin (a non-statin drug - which did not help my cholesterol.   I am a women in the late sixties.


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2/19/10 12:27pm

Hi Ida,


I recommend you take steps to control your cholesterol with diet and lifestyle changes since you have difficulty taking medication.


Your Checklist to Lower Cholesterol


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

How to Lower Cholesterol in 8 Simple Steps

Sue, Community Member
2/21/10 12:01pm

My husband and best friend's cholesterol was over 280 and I started them on Bios LIfe Slim for Linda as she wanted to lose some weight and My husband on Bios LIfe C as he didn't need to lose weight. After 2 months of eating anything they wanted Linda's Cholesterol was down to 179 and Butches went down to 192. The Dr was so amazed that he recommended that they keep taking it. If you want to check it out you can read all my updates at . Have a blessed day. Sue I am not trying to sell this I just want people to know about how well it works and what an amazing product it is. Both of these all natural product are in the 2010 Physicians Desk Reference

Sue, Community Member
2/27/10 2:30pm


A very dear friend of ours can't take statin drugs either so he's not on Bios Life C as it's the same as the Bios Life Slim without the extras to make it for Fat Loss.  Rexall Drug started this in the late 80s.  It's wonderful.  Don's Dr told him last Friday that whatever he's doing keep it up.  He's taking the Bios LIfe C 2 times a day and his Cholesterol has went from 279 to 212 in 45 days.  I can't wait until his full 3 months are up and they more blood work.  Also his wifes went from 209 to 170.  This product comes with a Money Back Guarantee.  It's the only ALL Natural Product in the 2010 Physicians Desk Reference..That's how good our products are.  The Bios Life C..Bios LIfe 2 and Bios Life Slim and more are in the Physicians Desk Reference.  You can check out our products and information at .   Have a wonderful day and Stay well.

Sue, Community Member
2/27/10 2:41pm


I have 3 more couples on this product also for Fat Loss and Cholesterol, Diabetes and they are all doing wonderful.  All there Drs say to stay on this so I have appointments with all the Drs to introduce this amazing product to them.  I'm so proud of my customers.  They feel so much happier.  We also carry a product that can help so also and it's called Natures Tea.  If like a All Natural Laxative and the best tasting tea you ever had hot or cold.  All but 9 of my 239 customers are on this.  It's also 100% guaranteed.  If you would like samples of anything just let me know. I love it because I know it helps make and keep you healthy.

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