• rameela rameela
    April 27, 2010
    my cholesterol results show 250MG/DL is that bad?
    rameela rameela
    April 27, 2010

    I felt a burning sensation in my stomach , so i did a cholesterol test and the results are 250 mg/DL.How serious is that ??



  • Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
    Health Pro
    April 28, 2010
    Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
    Health Pro
    April 28, 2010

    Hi Rameela,


    Here are the recommendations of the American Heart Association:

    Total cholesterol less than 200
    HDL cholesterol at least > 40, ideally > 60
    LDL cholesterol at least less than 130, ideally less than 100
    Triglycerides less than 150


    I recommend discussing your elevated total cholesterol with your physician to determine an appropriate treatment plan.


    All the best,

    Lisa Nelson RD

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