• test123 test123
    December 02, 2009
    Is this good? Total Cholesterol 106, HDL 57, LDL 30, Trig. 95.
    test123 test123
    December 02, 2009



  • swimgal March 25, 2011
    March 25, 2011

    Please settle this debate:  My Total cholesterol is 224, Triglycerides 65, HDL 84, LDL 127, and VLDL 13.  I say my total is elevated because my HDL is a whopping 84, which is a good, good thing.  My PA wants to put me on statins.  I say it's not indicated at all.  If anything, I can work on my diet and weight to get my triglycerides down to 100, but there's soooo much "good cholesterol" working for me, I'm good.  I also have a TSH of 3.74 that may be contributing to this elevation somewhat.  We're treating that with 25mg levothyroxineand now I'm back in the water and up to 1500 yds. x3/wk.  Feeling much better.


    Which is it?  Am I a candidate for statins?





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