• blindy8 blindy8
    October 12, 2008
    What alternatives to statins are working for those who have elevated cholesterol?
    blindy8 blindy8
    October 12, 2008

    My total cholesterol numbers were high at 304. My primary care physician put me on Crestor and I had muscle pain. He now has me on Vytorin and while my cholesterol levels are good, I'm starting to get pain in my calfs and am growing concerned.


    I have since tried guggelipid, beta-sistosterol, polycosinol, artichoke extract, chitin, and a soluable fiber drink that contains plant sterols that has worked for others. My cholesterol only dropped 10 points.


    From all the horror stories about statins on the web and from what I've heard, I'm really scared to continue with them, especially with these developing calf pains. I've recently taken a CK test and awaiting the bloodwork results, but I just saw a study on the web that indicated people had myopathies with normal CK levels.  


    Based upon my original high numbers that have been brought down to normalcy, I know the statins will control my cholesterol but am afraid of what they may do to the rest of me. After all, many pathologies aren't reported and minor issues can add up over time.


    Are there other therapies and nutritionals I haven't tried that others have had success with?





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  • mmouse1023 October 16, 2008
    October 16, 2008

    I have tried numerous statin drugs in past, including Vytorin.  I had problems with muscle pain with most, except Vytorin.  In any case, at one time, I had been on prescription-strength niacin and had very good results.  You should not take high doses of niacin on your own as it can cause liver damage - you need to be monitored by a doctor.  Maybe you should ask your doctor about it.  If I remember correctly, the prescription I was given was for something called Niaspan.  Hope this helps!


  • puppieluv October 16, 2008
    October 16, 2008

    My husband has been taking Omega3 fatty acids and CoQ10.  His PCP wants him to continue on Lescol but he would also like to get off the prescription drugs.  So we would be very interested in any studies or results not involving Rx's.

  • Mohan G October 16, 2008
    Mohan G
    October 16, 2008

    It isn't that difficult. Suggest you stick to white meat, fish and cut off all other non-veg stuff. No cheese and thick creamy  dairy stuff like ice creams..Only a glass of skimmed milk. Have a vegetable salad with lime squeezed on it(no dressings) for breakfast, have lots of fruits during the day, and drink eight to ten glasses of water. Avoid donuts, pizza and burgers and almost everything containing white refined wheat and sugar. A tablespoonful of isapgol(pysllum husk) with a glass of water at night is a must so is a couple of Omega3 oil capsules during the day.. Of course one hour of exercise with about 15 minutes of yoga stretching exercises and 30 minutes of meditatation will cam you down , relax you and reduce your cholestrol level. Don't worry be happy, try it for a month. It works.God bless you

  • Nance28 October 18, 2008
    October 18, 2008

    I am in the very same situation.  My doctor has put me on a diet and has  me on Omeg3complex by Physician's Health & Diet.  I am starting off with 2capsuls every day and working up to 4.  I am praying this will work in keeping my cholesterol down.

  • Mary October 17, 2008
    October 17, 2008

    Omega-3/Omega-6 fish oil 1200 mg and/or 250 mg niacin once/day or you could alternate these daily. Exercise at least 60 minutes/day. Walking is the easiest or whatever you prefer.

  • Pattuc October 16, 2008
    October 16, 2008

    I have tried Lipator  and vytorin  both gave me leg cramps

  • Little elk August 13, 2009
    Little elk
    August 13, 2009

    I am currently on cinnamon capsules. In a month or so, I will get my cholesterol rechecked and share with you how the cinnamon is working. I must say that since I have been off of Crestor, I feel so, so much better. The muscle aches are nearly gone, and my energy level is much higher.

  • 30lbslighter November 16, 2009
    November 16, 2009

    Short answer, control your eating and start exercising. You will loose weight, gain energy Read below why.

    My LDL was way to high (180 range) and I did not want statins so my Dr started with fishoil (Omacor or Lovaza) both omega-3 OTC pills as well as 1000mg Niaspan. This helped a bit but I was not nearly in range. HDL low at32 and LDL over 160.

    My Dr. prescribed 10mg Crestor, my HDL did not go up but my LDL down to about 120. After a while I got leg cramps and lost my energy. My Dr. switched me to Pravastatin, similar story. It got so bad that I had days going to bed at 7:00pm waking up the next day 7:00am drained and feeling tired. My liver test came out screwed up, high liver function but cholestorol was great.... big price to pay.

    I quit my statins but stayed on Niaspan and Lovaza since I prefer a heart attack over the bad quality of life. I changed my diet. Cut out or reduced the easy carbs (sugar, high corn fructose, white rice/pasta/wheat) and added more wholesome foods (Fruit, veggies, whole grains) and started an excercise routine 5-6 days a week, 45 min.

    I lost 30 pounds gained a tremendous amount of energy, no pain and I enjoy my life!

    My present came in last week, my HDL went up for the first time in years from 32 to 40, my LDL came in on 132. The numbers might not be ideal but they are good enough, ratio is good and with staying on this course I am confident that I can lower the LDL even more. In short again, quit the statins, move your body and watch what you eat. My Dr should have pushed for that. Medication really is an excuse not to tackle your own issues.

    • Asian
      February 03, 2010
      February 03, 2010

      Dr's are not prescribing diet change and excercise anymore i guess. They are more than happy to hook any body on prescription medicine. Ihave been refusing to take statins bcos i tried two times and both times i got some problem in my eye. Though we found the eye problem is related to stress, i did not have this before trying the statins. right now my HDL is at low 30's and LDL is at 160's and my doctor has prescribed Crestor 20 mg for two days a week. to try it for one month take a blood work and then go for more!! I am a active male, 40, 5 foot 5, 139 pounds and a vegetarian, I dont take much in terms of fat except peanut butter which i read is actually good. I take 1% milk for coffee. i do excercise 2 or 3 times a week but i am not regular at it.   My doctor tells me that my only choice is these prescription medicines. ....



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  • lauriem July 01, 2010
    July 01, 2010

    75% of cholesterol is genetically inherited. Telling people to change their diet and exercise is frustrating because it only affects 25% of the outcome. I did 30-90 minutes a day and followed a rigid no fat diet and I didn't even come close to normal cholesterol levels. However, I've heard enough horror stories about statins (lipitor specifically) that makes me think it is the worse of the two evils. 


    Anyone tried chinese naturopathic medicine? After all they've got 3000 years on us...?



  • mrs bumpy January 06, 2010
    mrs bumpy
    January 06, 2010

    high soluable fiber  is  the  answer   walmart sell a product called Equate clear soluable fiber powder  non thickening  tasteless  add to  any foods  with  some  liquid  soups oatmeal pasta sauce casserols .  My  Total cholesterol was  250  hld  58  LDL  170  after  6 weeks  of   adding  4 tsp  to Quaker  hifiber  instant oatmeal  (  1  pkg  ) plus 1  oz  of  fiber  1   cereal  mixed  with  hot  water    a  turkey  sandwich  on  hi  fiber  bread  for  lunch   and  large  salad  with  beans  added (black  kidney pinto )   with  balsalmic vinegar  and olive  oil  for  dinner  fruit  and  air popped  pop corn  for  snack   my  total  chol  stayed  at  248  but  my  bad  cholesterol  dropped  to  136  and  my  good  cholesterol  jumped  to  85 !!!!!!  out  weighs  any  bad  cholesterol  ps  you  will  also  loose  some  weight  a  little  exercise  like  walking   will  help  too   mrs  bumpy

  • Ann
    April 14, 2013
    April 14, 2013

    Hi. My husband had in the past taken Lipitor and developed muscle cramping. Was taken off of that and then put on a combination tx. of Zetia 10mg daily with Simvastatin 40mg daily AND Fenofibrate (Tricor) 160mg TWICE DAILY. What I found out was the highest recommended dose for Fenofibrate is 160mg daily NOT twice daily. He has been taking these for a few years now and in January developed debilitating muscle and joint pain. He's been through his PCP, Ortho and Rheum with no answer. I recently was thinking that no doctor had addressed these medications. I work in the medical field and spoke with a fellow Internal Physician at work and she recommended he stop the lipid lowering drugs and see how things are in two weeks. I personally have been taking CholesLo (HFLSOLUTIONS.com ) and after my first month of taking that, my lipid panel was back within the normal range with my HDL exceptional! I have a hx. of high triglycerides and have maintained in this range for several years now. I started him on CholesLo and it will be interesting to see what his labs show in a few months. I had to share this information. Hope it helps.

  • Vet69729 December 23, 2012
    December 23, 2012

    Definitely yes!  Get the hell off the statins.  They do not do any good at all.  The billion dollar statins written each and every year, solely for the purpose of making money for greedy drug manufacturers and give all a false hope that they work.  In fact they do very little merely robbing the body's own production of coq10 and very few who prescribe the statins for their patient's include any supplements to include coq10 as there is no money prescribing supplements.  It is all about the money.  Crestor crippled me up for about a year or more, and most statins have the same similar sympthons.  So if your getting leg pain stomach pain, it is the statins.  One product that I found that works for mine is from HFL solutions.  It is called CholesLo.  Complete "Heat Health" solution.  Naturally helps Improve Cholesterol. HDL/LDL ratios, total lipids. Homocysteine C-reactive Protein.  30 day supply is about 50 bucks a month, and if you put it on a auto ship delivery, you get free shipping.  The newer  product I've been getting has 80 capsules.  Once in the morning after breakfast and once after dinner. 

    www.4HFL.Com or www.CholesLo.Com


    I take Omega3 capsule twice a day-1000mg.  Baby asprin a day, B12- Vitamin D-3 400mg-then 100mg of COq10




  • poppy September 19, 2011
    September 19, 2011

    I've also tried diet and exercise and  have refused to take statins because I am afraid of the side effects.  My my Consultant cardiologist says that with hypertension and high LDL I am at high risk for heart attack/stroke and has prescribed Crestor 10 mg for the cholesterol and Concor 2.5mg for a heart valve defect. I am already taking Zestoretic for hypertnsion and euthyrox for hypoactive thyroid (Hashimoto's disease).  I have a history of allergies and have to start taking new meds tomorrow.  I promised I would give it a go, I hope it doesn't do more harm than good. :(  I don't feel unwell at the moment so I'll be mad if I feel worse because of the meds.  I hope we find a solution.  Who says it's dangerous to have high LDL if our body is producing it.  He said my heart was strong and there is no plaque build-up in the arteries?  I have palpitations becausee of a defective valve which I have had since birth.  has a study ever been done on people who are like me who have always had high blood pressure and are happy?


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