• Lorraine Lorraine
    September 24, 2008
    Carotid artery plaque reversible?
    Lorraine Lorraine
    September 24, 2008

    Dear Doctor:

    Is carotid plaque reversible? My left carotid artery shows 50-59% from an ultrasound and just 3 years ago the same test came out normal!  How could it build up so fast?? My weight (160) and cholesterol is the same (238 total: 148 LDL, 52 HDL, 199 Triglicer).  I had been taking Frova a lot during the last 2 years to help my migraines.  Now that the damage is done, I'm on Lipitor (20mg.) and Lavacor fish oil (1 a day), aspirin and folic acid.  What else can I do?




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  • Carl October 09, 2008
    October 09, 2008

    I also have severe plaque buildup. I was on Lipitor for over 2 years due to higher cholesterol levels. After feeling terrible (fatigue and muscle soreness) I took myself off of it. I am saying to go off your meds just yet. However, just please check out the "Pauling Therapy" based on research from Nobel Prize winning chemist Linus Pauling. I am doing this for myself right now. Also check out a book enititled "Reversing Heart Disease" by Dr. Julian Whitaker. He is very good. There is another one by Dr. Thomas Levy (a cardiologist) but I cant' think of the name of it. He talks about reversing heart disease also. The more I read findings of these "enlightened doctors" the more I am inclined to go against "conventional" medicine". Traditional doctors just want to put you on meds and open you up for surgery! No thanks! There are many doctors out there who say that this "war on cholesterol" is the biggest scam going on now. Lipitor and other statins DO NOT attack the real problem of plaque buildup. You just have to do a lot of reading on these topics. Also, if you are on a statin and want to continue with it please take a COQ-10 supplement. Dr. Whitaker and others talk about this VERY important nutrient. Conventional doctors won't tell you that statins DEPLETE your body of COQ-10. Anyway, I hope you find something interesting here.

    • doglover894
      January 24, 2010
      January 24, 2010

      Both docs have several books.  Do you know which ones- thanks for this post

    • Jpolygon
      February 05, 2010
      February 05, 2010

      Thank you Carl for this input.

      I have resised being put on Statins because I have read too many bad things about them and frankly I like to try to control these thing naturally.

      I have Hypothroidizm that cause more problems with all of this than most people know about.

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