• patty patty
    October 15, 2008
    Can high cholesterol cause my stomach to be constantly bloated?
    patty patty
    October 15, 2008

    Every time I eat red meat, I get a bloated stomach and a lot of gas.  I feel really dizzy and start sweating cold. I have been diagnosed with high cholestoral and dont know what to do to lower it



  • Martin Cane, M.D.
    Health Pro
    October 19, 2008
    Martin Cane, M.D.
    Health Pro
    October 19, 2008



    Thanks for your question.


    First of all, your high cholesterol is not the cause of your symptoms, even though eating red meat is not good for your cholesterol. 


    There are several possibilities to explain your symptoms.  It certainly sounds like the cause is gastrointestinal.  You may be experiencing something call "dumping syndrome" which occurs when your stomach contents are quickly released into the small intestine.  This is followed by an outpouring of digestive enzymes.  In dumping syndrome,  more enzymes are released than usual because of the rapid release of the food contents into the intestine. This results in the symptoms you've described.  Other possible causes include a gallbladder problem that is preventing bile to enter the intestine to aid in digestion of fats.  Stones in your gallbladder may be blocking the passage of the bile and cause your symptoms.  And another cause could be a deficiency in pancreatic enzymes which help digest protein. 


    I suggest you make an appointment with your physician for a compete evaluation of your symptoms and get to the bottom of things as soon as possible.  He may request further blood work and diagnostic studies.


    You also should give further thought and consideration of how you are going to handle your high cholesterol problem.  Medication, or no medication, diet is the major change that will have to be made.  Please review our website (link below) for more information about high cholesterol and ways to cope with it, and improve the levels of cholesterol.  This includes diet, weight loss (if needed), exercise and lifestyle changes.




    Best wishes.


    Martin Cane, M.D.


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