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  • David1951 July 13, 2010
    July 13, 2010

    it is normal for cholesterol levels to rise with age. The body produces cholesterol for many reasons including cell repair and unfortunately as you age that requirement goes up...see the following and look down for "age" it says:


  • Age -- Most people experience an increase in cholesterol levels until about the age of 65.



    also see here for info on whether 198 is high:



    to maintain your levels below 200 as you age cut out or severly limit sugar, flour, and white starches like potatoes, white rice, etc. eat nuts. follow what is called the stone age or paleolithic diet and get regular exercise.

    as a woman you should also watch out for can do that yourself by monitoring your body temperature often.  at 3:00 pm without eating or drinking at least an hour before your temp should be 98.6 . or you can do it before rising in the am at the same time and it should be 98.2 plus or minus about .2 degrees.


    also be aware that the recommended cholesterol levels were reached by a group that 6 out of 9 had ties to drug companies that produce cholesterol lowering medications and many believe (and can show studies that) those levels are in fact detrimental. you can read about that here:



    and see the truth of the study that started the cholesterol craze here:




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