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How much fat should I eat? Get your recommended daily calories and grams of fat using this quick and easy test!

How Much Fat Should I Eat?

The average American gets approximately 45 percent of his/her calories just from fat. For most of us, ths is too high!

If you are trying to lower the fat in your diet, exactly how many calories and how much fat should you eat? Find out here right now!

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Bailey, Covert. The Fit or Fat Target Diet. Copyright 1984
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Below are Covert's recommendations for your fat and calorie intake.

Percent of total calories from fat:

Total recommended calories per day:

Total grams of fat per day:

Remember that recommendations are not the same for everyone. People are different, depending on how fit or fat they are. People who exercise and are fit can afford more calories and more dietary fat in their diets.

If you are fat and/or unfit, you need to reduce the amount of total calories and fat grams in your diet.

For lifetime change -- make small steps one day at a time. Cut back your calories and fat grams by only 10 percent every couple of weeks until you reach your goal. Couple this with exercise and you're on your way!

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