Cholesterol Prevention and Treatment

Help keep your cholesterol in check. Medications can lower cholesterol, but they are only part of a wellness program. Find out what lifestyle and diet changes can help.

Quiz: Recommended Daily Calories

Recommended Daily Calories and Fat Assessment

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Take our quick and easy nutrition assessment to learn the breakdown of your daily intake.
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Treatments to Reduce LDL

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    Cholesterol Drugs
    If you're not able to reduce your cholesterol naturally, your doctor might prescribe a cholesterol-lowering medication to supplement lifestyle changes. Check out this list of top meds for more info.
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    Lowering Cholesterol with Sterols and Stanols
    Dietician, Melanie Thomassian, discusses sterols and stanols in food, and their ability to block cholesterol absorption. Read more to see what foods to add to your grocery list.
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    Drop your Cholesterol like a Stone: Naturally
    There are a number of organic ways to drop your LDL cholesterol. Dr. William explores the world of natural foods, and shares his tips for lowering your cholesterol.
  • Dr. William Davis
    Weight Loss or Niacin: Which is Better?
    Looking for a diet to help lower Cholesterol? Dr. William Davis compares Niacins supplements and low-carbohydrate diets to see which has better results for lowering your cholesterol.
  • Will the Real Omega-3 Please Stand Up?
    Many food brands are now promising the addition of Omega-3 on their labels.  But, how many of these products are giving you the fatty acids your body is looking for?
  • Garlic: Is it Good for Cholesterol?
    Garlic had been said to lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots, kill bacteria and fungus, and repel both ticks and bloodsucking creatures, but what can it do for your cholesterol? 

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Triglyceride Quiz: One of Your Most Important Numbers

Doctor: "You have high triglycerides." You: "Tri-what?!" Don't worry if this is you, we've all been there. Take cholesterol guru Lisa Nelson's quiz and learn all you'll ever want to know about these fancy-sounding fats.
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Low Cholesterol Diet

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    Get a Grip on Fatty Acids
    Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard the term fatty acids.  But, do you understand what they are and how the right ratio will improve your heart health?
  • 12 Top Tips to Help you Dine Healthy
    If you dine away from home frequently it may be hard to control your diet. Dietician, Melanie Thomassian, shares to helps you choose wisely from the menu.
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    Which Source of Fiber is Good or Bad?
    Dr. William Davis debunks the myth that all fiber is good fiber. You may be surprised to find that unhealthy sources of fiber are contributing to your high cholesterol.
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    Do Low-carb Diets Promote a Healthy Heart?
    Low-carb dieting has been popular for the last few years.  But, is it just a fad or can it help lower your cholesterol and increase your health?
  • How to be Savvy with Food Labeling?
    Learning how to read and understand food labels can go a long way in helping us make heart healthy food choices. Our Expert Dietician will show you how to interpret the food label.  
  • How to Snack Healthy
    A little afternoon snack and your whole day's diet may be thrown out of wack. But, if chosen appropriately snacking can be a beneficial source of nutrients.
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    Visual Aids to Help Estimate Portions
    It is estimated that portions have grown 25 to 50 percent in the last 30 years!  To help keep your heart healthy diet on track, use these tricks to make sure your meals are the proper size.
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    The Low-down on Saturated and Trans Fats
    Reducing the saturated and trans fats from your diet can be a great step towards decreasing our risk of developing heart disease.  But just what do these fats do and where are they found?
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    Low-Cholesterol Diet: How to Cut Out the fat
    Being Overweight not only increases your risk for heart disease, it also increases your chances for developing the risk factors associated with heart disease, including high cholesterol. Trimming your fat intake is not an easy step, but we can help you on your way.

Hundreds of Heart Healthy Recipes

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce LDL

  • Lowering Cholesterol with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
    If you want to avoid cholesterol drugs while lowering your cholesterol you might need to take advantage of some TLC: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.  Dr. Kang shares his advice to keep your heart healthy.
  • Home Body Fat Test
    Use our online assessment to test your body fat from the comfort of your home.  It's as easy as 1,2,3. Just enter your weight, age and gender..and, Voila!
  • Using a Heart Rate Monitor
    Using a heart rate monitor can help you get the most out of your daily workout.  Learn how simple it is to use one and how it can improve your heart health.
  • How to Lose Inches and Trim Your Waistline
    Fitness expert Ken Kihiu shares his tips to trim your waistline and tighten your abs, because six-packs aren't just for professional athletes.