Back Pain and Sciatica

Whether it’s you or a loved one dealing with back pain, you probably have a number of questions about this condition. We’ve broken down the basics to help you understand the different aspects of back pain and sciatica, and the treatment options available.

Know Your Back Facts 

Spine Anatomy 101

Understanding the anatomy of the spine will help you to locate your pain's origin and thus help when explaining your pain to your doctor. 
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In Depth Report on Back Pain Causes and Treatments

  • Medications
    Have you been diagnosed with back pain or sciatica? Learn more here.
  • Symptoms and Causes
    Learn more about the basic causes of back pain, and how you can prevent it.
  • Risk Factors
    Risk factors for back pain can involve your occupation, diet and exercise. Find out more here.
  • Diagnosis
    Lifestyle can have a major impact on the way your body functions. Get more on how to remedy backpain through lifestyle changes here.
  • Prognosis
    Learn how to improve the health of your back through exercise and training to strengthen your back naturally.

Back Pain Symptoms

  • Shooting Pain in Back
    Find out more about this back pain symptom. 
  • Pain in Back Left Side
    Check out questions and community discussion from others who suffer from pack pain on the left side.  Also find general information on back pain here! 

Back Pain Explained

  • Back Pain
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  • Back Pain
    Spinal Stenosis: What is it?
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  • Sciatica: What is it? 
    Find out what kinds of pain Sciatica refers t, when it is most likely to occur, and how doctors diagnosis this particular type of back pain.

Your Treatment Options

When Sudden Back Pain Hits...

  • First Aid ABCs for Back Pain
    Even if you already suffer from back pain, sudden flair-ups do happen. To avoid a trip to the doctor's office, you need to learn some first aid to help yourself recover. 
  • alternative treatment for osteoarthritis
    Movement Therapy Can Improve Back Pain
    Find out about the Alexander Technique, movement therapy, and how they might be able to help you relieve your back pain.