Intrathecal pain pump problem

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  • Hello everybody

    I am new to this formu.  I am a 64 year old ohysician with a cfailed back syndeome.  I've had three back surgeries including a 4 level lumbar fusion.  The pain is severe described as complex pain syndeome.  I had a Medtronics intrathecal pump placed a year ago after a trial of dorsal column stimulator and trial of pump.  The pain clinic started with Prialt and worked it up slowly.  I got very little relief but becamee very psycotic and forgetful.  When I spoke I made very little sense.


    The pain doctors switched to hydromorphone and bupivicaine which has been working pretty we..  I went in 4 days ago and it was increased 10%.  With in four hours I suddeny became agitat4ee, heart pounding and all the symptoms of withdrawl.  I've never suffered so bad from withdrawl.  I saw the doctor who has me on a lot of meds to help me withdraw but they don;t seem to help.  I am goin to surgery tomorrow.  The doctor thinks there is a kink in the catheter.  HAs anyone been through this and how long does it take to withdraw?  I havem't eaten hardly anything (lost 12 lbs in four days.  My heart is pounding and I'm very agitated.  I'm weak.  I am very senstitive to all smells.  My head ached.  I feel I'm on the edge of death.  How long will this last and what can I do?  I'm thinking of having the doctor remove the pump tomorrow.  I don't want to ever take a chance that this can happen again.  I't far worse tham the pain.  Those who have narcotic in their pumps, be warned.  Have some sort of an emergency suppy of meds and instructions to get you through this crisis, 

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    If anyone can give me come engourageing news, please srite.  I'm desperate.


    D, Smith

Published On: March 22, 2011
  • Marion
    Mar. 24, 2011

    I have never heard of that, but my heart hurts for you!  I know I have experienced withdrawl and it is brutal.  I have never heard of a catheter doing that, but I'm sure anything is possible.  Did you have surgery by now?  I hope all is well!