July 2010 in Review

CRegal Editor
  • And the summer is half-way gone. How did this even happen? I feel like July went faster than any other month. Oh well. Let's dive in for the month that was, shall we?


    First, I would like to thank our experts, Karen, Christina, Cort: you have been amazing.  We have had a HUGE influx of questions - some related, some not so much - and you have done a phenomenal job of staying on top of things and giving great answers.  I am so proud to be involved with this section, and it is because of the great community and the great experts.  So, thank you.


    Christina provided us with some very wonderful articles this month, ranging from Botox to Treat Pain to Pool Therapy for Pain. In the spirit of the season, she also wrote on Picking the Right Luggage For Your Spine.   Finally, I think the gem of the month came through with her post about central sensitization.  This is such a key element to chronic pain; if you have not read it, I strongly recommend you do so.

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    I provided one article for this month: TMJ and Gender: The Basics.  Humor me and check it out?


    Karen, a rockstar (as CEO Chris Schroeder likes to say) here at HealthCentral, posted some great information this month as well.  Karen tackled: Traveling with Medication, a study about a new way to treat chronic pain, and continuing controversy surrounding XMRV and CFS.  She reported on the FDA approving a new pain patch, the FDA's consideration of a new fibromyalgia medication, the potential new REMS guidelines and the introduction of the new pre-existing condition program for health insurance.  Finally, Karen did a bang-up job writing up the process that the FDA takes to approve a new drug.  Very insightful material!


    We added a new downloadable guide about Giving Your Medicine Cabinet a Check-Up.  Print it out and use it as a guide!


    Did I miss anything?  What happened in the community this month?  What's new in your lives?


    See you in August

Published On: July 29, 2010