August 2010 in Review

CRegal Editor
  • On this, the last week before Labor Day, we must stop and remember the great summer that we just had. Wait. What?! The summer is over!? I, for one, do not approve.


    First, I have to thank Karen, Christina and Cort.  This is probably the hardest site to work on due to the sheer volume of material.  Whether it is fibromyalgia, foot pain, TMJ, or the random question that appears in the Q & A section, our experts completely knock it out of the park every time.  I think I speak for the community when I say: thank you.  You are all incredible parts of this community.


    This was an exciting month here at Chronic Pain Connection. We covered a variety of topics and a variety of perspectives on topics.

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    Christina Lasich delivered some new topics this month that may interest readers.  I strongly suggest reading up on these new topics, as she has done a phenomenal job opening up the doors to some confusing conditions.  This month, she discussed foot pain, interstitial cystitis and endometriosis.  In addition to these articles, she also wrote about "salivating for pills," where the body can develop a reliance on a medication.  All excellent reads and very informative!


    Karen Richards: you are the best there is.  Your work with new studies and providing information to the community is untouchable.  This month, you addressed new clues to understanding fibromyalgia pain, the FDA rejecting sodium oxybate for fibromyalgia, a relaxation of marijuana laws for veterans, and tai chi being used for fibromyalgia treatment.  Karen also tackled a Newsweek article about a negative stigma towards pain medications.


    Finally, Karen was all over the FDA, NIH, XMRV, ME/CFS controversy.  And if that is too many acronyms for you, I recommend reading Karen's most recent piece...


    Oh, and curious about back to school with pain?  We've got you covered.


    On the back end, we put up some new quizzes on Vulvodynia, TMJ and ME/CFS.


    We also added a very important downloadable guide that we recommend you print out and keep with ou for doctor's visits: Using the Pain Scale to Effectively Communicate with Your Doctor.


    See you next month!

Published On: August 31, 2010