Top 10 Reasons Pain Medication Use is Increasing

  • Top 10 Reasons Pain Medication Use is Increasing:


      1.   Insurance companies have cut benefits for alternative therapies. 


      2.   The baby boomers are getting older and the joints are wearing out.


      3.   Many people can't afford the time or money for treatments like physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage.


      4.    A growing number of physical therapy programs are mediocre and can actually increase pain.


      5.   The obesity epidemic leads to more people with painful conditions.

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      6.   Less people are willing to slow down for recovery from injury.


      7.   Medications work in a pinch.


      8.   Quitting smoking, eating healthy, and exercising are difficult lifestyle commitments.


      9.   Medication use increases as the population grows.


      10.  Finally, health care providers are more aggressively treating pain, the "fifth vital sign."



    What are you thoughts about the increased use of pain medications? What would your top 10 list include? Leave your thoughts in a comment below - communication produces solutions!


    Someone asked me what my secret is to avoiding medication use... The answer was simple--health. With my help, you will learn about these healthy solutions and integrative methods that have guided many people (including me) through the maze and roadblocks of chronic pain.

Published On: June 16, 2008