Air Quality Can Effect Ability to Exercise with Chronic Pain

  • The Olympic athletes should be concerned about the bad air over China. Troublesome pollutants that cloud the sky will be sucked into their lungs... and pollution in the lungs is not a good thing. Asthma, reactive airways, reduced oxygen levels, and toxic chemicals will all choke the gold out of any performance.


    China is not the only place with dirty air and athletes are not the only people starving for oxygen. What about Los Angeles? What about forest fires? What about smoking cigarettes? A visit to L.A. will have your lungs screaming "no air." And as a former firefighter, I know what it is like to have no air. Likewise, smoking cigarettes leaves the body with no air. How can anyone live, work, play, or perform with no air?

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    You may not be an Olympic athlete, but your body has to perform every day. Heck, just getting out of bed and going to the bathroom can be an event for some people with chronic health conditions. And do not even think about going to the mailbox or grocery shopping unless your muscles have enough oxygen for nourishment. Life really is an athletic event that requires clean air.


    While the Olympic athletes wear masks and limit their time in China, you should take a look at the air you breathe. Avoiding smoky conditions can help you feel so much better. Even though pollution and forest fires are difficult to eliminate,  smoking is a choice. Living with no air is not a good choice to unlock the best athletic performance in you--whether it's shooting hoops with your kids or just taking a walk.


    Here is a song "No Air" that will help trigger your memory about the importance of good, clean air. Don't make it hard for you the breathe.


Published On: July 31, 2008