Music Therapy for Chronic Pain Treatment

  • Lying awake in bed, unable to sleep, and in pain; this sounds familiar to many who live with chronic pain. You may actually dread going to bed knowing that the pain will rudely interrupt your desperately needed recovery time.


    It's one a.m. and you are just staring into the darkness wondering: "Why?" and "Is there anyone more messed up?" Maybe, you make a wish for the pain to go away if you "believed in that ****".


    After that kind of night, it is so hard to have a good day. Everything seems worse when you have not slept well. Can you then will yourself to have a good day? Try repeating this to yourself: "It's gonna be alright, no matter what they say. It's gonna be a good day." It's worth a try.

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    With a little music therapy, life can be O.K. "Just wait and see." Like a mantra, music can give you a self full-filling prophecy of better days. So, next time you are lying awake in bed at one a.m. just remember that in such darkness not all is doom and gloom, "at least the stars are bright".


    Good Day by Jewel

    I say to myself, Self
    Why are you awake again? It's one a.m..
    Standin' with the fridge wide open, starin.'
    Such a sight, florescent light-

    The stars are bright- might make a wish,
    If I believed in that shit,
    But as it is I might watch t.v.
    Cause it's nice to see people can be
    More messed up than me

    I say to myself
    As I Smile at the walls
    Let myself fall

    Its gonna be alright
    No matter what they say
    Its gonna be a good day
    Just wait and see
    Its gonna be alright
    (Good Day continued)

    Cause i'm alright with me
    It's gonna be, it's gonna be- its gotta be

    I shiver shut the door
    Can't think standin' here no more
    I'm alone my minds racing heart breaking
    Can you be everything I need you to be?
    Can you protect me like a daughter
    Can you Love me like a father
    Can you Drink me like water
    Say I'm like the desert
    Just way hotter

    The point of it all
    Is that if I should fall
    It's still your name I call

    Its gonna be alright
    No matter what they say
    (Good Day continued)
    Its gonna be a good day
    Just wait and see
    Its gonna be ok
    Cause I'm ok with me
    Its gonna be, gonna be, as long as we

    Laugh out loud-laugh like we are mad
    Cause this crazy mixed up beauty is all that we have
    Because what's love, but an itch we can't scratch
    A joke we can't catch
    God but still we laugh

    Get back in bed
    Turn off the TV
    You say it'll be alright, baby
    Just wait and see

    Uh-oh I'm awake again, it's one am
    Such a sight
    At least the stars are bright

Published On: September 05, 2008