10 Money-Saving Tips for Pain Relief

  • Pain relief does not have to cause a financial meltdown. Here are some tips for the pennywise looking for both economic relief and pain relief.


    1. Ice ($0) instead of anti-inflammatory medications ($8): Because the cooling action of ice helps to control swelling, it is a great way to control pain. Just ask any athlete who has had an injury, ice keeps them going with less pain.
    2. Hand-held shower massager ($80) instead of a massaging chair ($3000): The Human Touch Massage chairs are nice, but who has an extra 3K to spend. A pulsating hot water massage in the shower can also relieve pain, without hurting your budget.
    3. Heating pad ($20) instead of a spa ($2000): With winter approaching, it is important to keep those muscles warm; otherwise, they will become tense and spasm. But, please don't burn your skin.
    4. Mattress Topper ($300) instead of a mattress ($2000): I love the Tempur Pedic products, but the mattress is very expensive. Sometimes the cheaper foam topper (a layer of foam on top of your existing mattress) can ease the pressure points enough for a comfortable night's sleep.
    5. "TheraCane" or "Myotool" ($50) instead of chiropractic treatments ($75 per visit): The cost of chiropractic visits can add up to huge sums of money. Simple devices like the "TheraCane" or "Myotool" can help to keep joints limber and aligned.
    6. Generic Medications ($10) instead of brand name medications ($40-$100's): Don't discount the effectiveness of older, generic medications just because you don't see them on T.V. Cheaper alternatives often do exist, so check with your doctor about financial wise prescriptions.
    7. Take a Walk (free) instead of fancy exercise machines ($100's-$1000's): The fancy machines with pulse monitors, pace monitors, and even TV monitors may be more fun. But when you are on a budget, you may need to sacrifice fun instead of sacrificing your health. Keep exercising through the financial crisis by walking regularly. Remember that exercise stimulates your natural pain relievers-the endorphins.
    8. Fitness Ball ($40) instead of a strengthening machine ($1000's): Your muscles do not care if they flex with a big machine or flex to maintain your balance. A fitness ball (used correctly) can give you Olympic level strength without a financial headache.
    9. "La Fuma" Recliner ($150) instead of the "Perfect Chair" by Human Touch ($1600): The "Perfect Chair" is perfectly able to eliminate pain. However, the price is less than perfect for many budgets. The "La Fuma" reclining chair is a wonderfully effective and affordable option.
    10. Armrests ($0) instead of inversion table ($800): Place your hands on the armrests of your chair. Now, gradually put all (or most) of your weight through your arms. As your butt levitates off the chair, the spine is gently pulled into traction. Great, you just saved $800 and depressurized your back with a common household item.

    If you have some money-saving tips, please share them in a comment below. Sharing creates solutions!

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Published On: October 14, 2008