Pets Elevate Happiness of Chronic Pain Patients

  • "My Dog is a Therapist", the license plate frame read. Pet therapy is being use in many different settings: nursing homes, hospitals, and clinic offices. Pets have an uncanny sense of pain and suffering. And they know when someone needs a hug. Look deep into a dog's eye. You can see the compassion and empathy. Nothing can be more comforting than spending time with a special pet.


    That is why I bring my dog, Moose, to the office occasionally. I may not have a magic wand, but by golly, my boy, Moose, is able to wipe away the pain from someone's face in an instant. Some of my patient's are too frail to keep a dog. So when given the chance to interact with one, they really appreciate the opportunity to pet the soft fur or receive a wet kiss. Of course, Moose is more than willing to roll on his back to receive a belly rub. In a way, I envy my dog's powerful abilities as a healer. I am more than happy to share him. He is more valuable than most prescriptions I write.

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    The commercials for various drugs ask, "Are you feeling depressed"? When I hear this, I respond by saying, "Get a puppy"! Pills really cannot replace the joy of watching a puppy playing with such curiosity and enthusiasm. Have you watched a puppy chase his own shadow? Have you seen a puppy blow bubbles in the water bowl? These moments of joy provide buoyancy in times of trouble.


    Dogs and cats across this nation are in trouble and need our help. As people lose jobs and homes, the most innocent victims are the pets that can no longer be cared for. Animal shelters are busting at the seams. If new homes are not found, then the innocent die. The best therapist in the world may be sitting in an animal shelter near you. Seek and you might find one for yourself on Everyone deserves a second chance. Those animals who are given a new life often times reward the new owner with boundless love. They have the capacity to be eternally grateful to you. By saving a life and you just might save yourself from suffering. Do you need a hug?


    Please share your pet stories in a comment below. Sharing creates solutions!

Published On: March 16, 2009