The Next Step to Curing Pain

  • Now that you understand the definition of pain and that pain is a signal output from the brain, how do you stop this output? How do you change the painful tune that your brain is singing? First, you must eliminate the threats that input into the brain and cause the pain output. Everyone has different threats to well-being. Here is a list of some threats that can cause pain.

    • 1. Lack of Sleep: Sleep is the best weapon. Sleep restores, rejuvenates, and refreshes the brain.
    • 2. Fear: Fear is the ultimate amplifier of pain. Fear blocks the ability to feel pleasure with feelings of anxiety, worry, and danger.
    • 3. Fury: Fury and anger kill pleasurable experiences. Fury robs you of positive energy.
    • 4. Fatigue: Fatigue is all too common in this "do-it-all" world. The price of an unsustainable pace can be pain.
    • 5. Smoking: Smoking chokes all of the health out of the nerves, muscles, organs, bones, cartilage, ligaments, etc. etc... Don't expect to feel good if you smoke.
    • 6. Poor Nutrition: Food is the fuel that feeds the entire body. Poor quality food leads to not only pain, but also cancer, diabetes, and heart disease (to name a few consequences of eating crap).
    • 7. Negativity: Negative, hateful thoughts can infect the brain like viruses. By choosing to keep the brain on the positive side of thoughts, pleasure can replace pain.
    • 8. Past Psychological Trauma: The past can act like an anchor that threatens to drown you. Let the past go! Freedom from the past and living in the moment are the keys to happiness.
    • 9. Lack of Pleasure: Pleasure releases powerful chemicals in the brain: endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals of pleasure block pain, depression, and fatigue.
    • 10. Poor Health: Poor health can sabotage any efforts to eliminate pain. Get a check-up and discuss ways that you can improve your health with your doctor, as a team.

    Identifying the threats that inhibit your ability to experience pleasure is the next step to curing pain. Without pleasure, the brain gets stuck in a painful, depressed, and/or fatigued tune.

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    After you identify the threats, you must "do something". The brain is signaling you to "DO SOMETHING"! Eat better, stop smoking, let go of fear and fury, etc, etc, etc... Eliminate the threats, eliminate the pain. Sounds simple, but this task is not so simple. Many of these threats are habitual and old habits are hard to break. Part of your life was spent creating habits; during the other part of your life, your habits will make you. Spend some time to break the bad habits and you will be on your way to changing the tune in your brain. That's right, the brain is changeable. By training your brain, you can cure pain. 


    Start with your health, please read the "Health Stimulus Plan."

    Take a moment to identify the threats that keep your brain stuck on the same tune.

Published On: April 20, 2009