Companies Promoting Pain Relief: FootSmart

  • Knowing what is available is sometimes half the battle when it comes to feeling better. The other half of the battle is avoiding the many gimmicks and scams that prey on people with chronic pain. Occasionally, you might run across something that really works for you, but doesn't work for your neighbor. Eventually, some items collect in the closet and accumulate a thick layer of dust. Because no one wants a closet full of unwanted items, it pays to be smart consumer and do some research. One reliable source of good products that are well selected is In fact, I keep a copy of this catalog in my office to show folks some possible solutions for pain relief.

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    Here is a list of recommended products that my tester (my mother) and I have put together. We give them the thumbs up when it comes to pain relief.

    • 1. Merrel Q-Form Encore Breeze: My mom lives in these shoes. With foot pain and back pain, she has found these indispensable for daily use. She says that these shoes provide "Great Support". The "Q-Form" line from Merrel is made just for women because (here's a concept) women are built differently than men. That's right, a woman's leg is built with a different angle-the Q angle. Merrel has kept this fact in mind while designing a product line just for women. YEAH!
    • 2. Spenco Q-Factor Insoles: For those who cannot afford a new pair of shoes, an insole can provide some benefits of added cushioning and support. Again, this product is specific for a woman's Q-angle because (let me say it again) women are built differently than men. Hallelujah!
    • 3. LumbarWear Back Support: My mom gives this product a "YES!" She likes the comfortable support and ease of use. From my perspective, this support system is cheaper than the products that I write prescriptions for and could be just as effective. Trying the cheaper option first is a sometimes a viable solution for tight budgets. In fact, FootSmart has many types of affordable spine-supporters worth looking into.
    • 4. Silipos Heel Cushions: Speaking of effective and affordable pain relief; these simple little silicone heel cushions could save hundreds of dollars in custom orthotics. Not only do heel cushions relieve heel pain, these inserts can also help to relieve Achilles tendonitis.

    FootSmart is a one-stop shopping resource for cute, comfortable, practical, and hard-to-find products to relieve pain. Yes, I did mention "cute". Let's face it, we gals will often choose cute over comfort. On the other hand, some shoes really are good looking and comfortable. Looking good and feeling good is a great option and is possible thanks to FootSmart. This company provides a wide array of products that promote pain relief. For that reason, many professionals, including me, keep a catalog on hand for clients.  When someone's sees some possible solutions,  the light bulb of possibilities can illuminate a pathway towards feeling better. In fact, I think it is time for me to go shopping for shoes.


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Published On: July 29, 2009