Meditation, Religion Can Be Helpful for Chronic Pain

  • Imagine your most painful day. You remember that day when someone or something ripped your guts out, threw them on the floor, stomped on them, and shoved them back inside your agonizing body. What did you do? How did you survive that day? You might have curled up in a ball on your bed with the room completely dark like a cavernous cave. You might have cuddled next to your favorite pint of ice cream or a box of Oreo cookies. Maybe you called a friend? Maybe that friend is a higher power? Communing with a friend is a powerful way to get through hell. Such a conversation can give you outriggers that will provide buoyancy and stability through a turbulent storm. The familiarity and sentiments exchanged provide comfort in times of great need. When some people think about communing, they think about the Holy Sacrament. But, communing goes far beyond the rituals found within the walls of worship. Communing is far bigger than the gathering of fellow worshipers. Communing is a pathway to healing.

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    Where do you commune? The environment for such sacred communications provides the foundation for comfortable openness. Within the walls of your bedroom surrounded by your favorite colors and scents, you might find a safe place to open your heart. Within a place of worship surrounded by other familiar faces, you might feel comfortable enough to share your inner thoughts. Or maybe, you like to be outside within the natural world, experiencing the gentle breezes that can lift your spirits and open your heart to a higher power. Where ever your place of communion is, it is yours to find on your most painful day.


    When do you commune? The most likely time is at your point of greatest need. Some might set aside a particular time each day to meditate and shake away the bad vibrations. Sunday morning is traditionally a time when everyone pauses to reflect about powers that shape our world. Entire vacations can be planned around the desire to find that right place and time to commune with that special friend who can help you bear the evils of this world. Whenever you decide to commune, that time is yours to choose whenever the need arises.


    How do you commune? Do you have a particular chair or position you like to be in for that sacred conversation? Some people like to lift their voices in song and praise to let the outpouring of spirit flow. Some recite poems or mantras to strengthen the familiarity of the conversation. The ritual of "how" can be a spark that ignites a beautiful interchange of ideas and feelings. However you like to commune, your way is the best way when it hurts the worst.


    Who do you commune with? Your special friend can have any name. Names are not important. A friend can be an actual being that lives within a physical body. A friend can be a spirit or a memory. A friend can be a higher power the envelopes life in its entirety. Most importantly, a friend is someone that you have faith in; faith that this friend will always be there to listen to you and comfort you. Such faith provides the healing power of communing. Whoever you commune with, that friend is yours to discover on your most painful day.


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    When you are going through the hell of your most painful day, do you heal through communing? This method of healing is as universal as the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food that sustains us. By connecting with this vast universe, problems can seem so small. With a different perspective provided by communing, even the most painful day is survivable and the largest wound can heal.

Published On: October 20, 2009