Best Gift for Healing Chronic Pain: Keeping a Journal of Pain, Foods, Thoughts

  • A great gift idea for someone you care about is a journal-a healing journal. Journals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Journals can be personalized and unique. All a journal really requires is a pen to write with, paper as a vehicle, and thoughts. Anyone can keep a journal, old or young. Chronicling ideas, thoughts and happenings is a healthy habit with many uses. Many types of journaling themes exist. Here are a few suggestions that allow the healing journal become the first step on a healing pathway.


    Personal Journal: The simplest form of journaling is a place to write down any thoughts that come to mind. Just let your mind go and write in free form. This outlet has no rules or boundaries. This safe place is where you can fully express yourself. Go ahead and doodle if you want to because it is your journal. Open communication is the purest form of therapy.

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    Food Journal: Keeping a food journal is a way to monitor your eating habits. This place is where you can write down everything you eat on a daily basis. Be honest because health and healing come only from being honest with yourself. Best of all, a food journal is a tool that can help you change, especially if you sit down with your doctor and discuss the eating habits as seen in your journal. Day to day, month to month, and year to year; healthy nutrition is within your grasp with some simple strokes of the pen.  You may not think that the Holidays are a good time to start a food journal. However, the Holidays do not always have to be sinful. Please check out my favorite, healthy Holiday Party Appetizer.


    Pain Journal: Those with chronic pain can be well served by a pain journal. What makes the pain worse? What makes it better? What pills cause side effects? Anything about pain is fair game. This journal can also help your doctor as a historical reference point from which to find direction. The pain journal can be a picture worth a thousand words. The pain journal is also a mirror for one to monitor his/her pain. Just a paper and pen is all it takes to get started down this healing pathway.


    Ultimately, journaling is a way to have a conversation with you. The most important relationship that you have is with yourself. Health, happiness, love, and friendship come only when you love and respect yourself. Give yourself a gift and start a healing journal today for the upcoming New Year.


Published On: December 23, 2009