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  • My son in law is suffering from continuous chronic pain.  He has been told that his diabetes Type 1 has affected his radial nerve.  He has pain from his neck, down through his arm and wrist.  He has found the pain meds make him unable to think or work.  His job as a computer analyst has not helped either.  He and my daughter are expecting their first child in May.  They are both 36 years old and have their whole life in front of them.  This pain is really a "bummer" but moreso all the doctors he has gone to are telling him he will have to learn to live with it.   Cortisone shots have not helped, pain meds have not helped.   Does anyone know of anything that could alleviate some of the pain?  The pain in his neck has caused him to feel nauseaus.

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    My daughter is depressed over how no one can help him.  They have heard of trigger point therapy?  Would this help?  Is this pain a life sentence?  If anyone has diabetes and can advise him........ it would be so wonderful to have a little hope.  Thank you.

Published On: December 21, 2007