3 Spine Care Tips for Children

  • Welcome to spine school. We owe it to our children to educate them about how to take care of their bodies. All the parts of the body are important, but none cause more pain than the spine. The earlier a person learns how to take care of the low back, the neck and everything in between, the more likely problems can be avoided. If more children live by these three simple spine care tips, then less spine surgeries would take place, less work would be missed, and more of life would be enjoyed without pain. And even if your child already has low back pain, these tips can aid recovery too.


    Train For Life:

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    The children of today are too young to remember Jack LaLanne. But those of you old enough can still remember his wisdom of promoting health and fitness. And maybe some of you remember his famous line, “Life is an Olympic event that you need to train for,” which still holds true to this day. Everything that we do in life at school, at work, and at home requires a certain amount of physical strength and endurance. If you do not maintain enough strength or endurance, then some of your life activities might become too difficult to do without experiencing an injury or feeling pain. You cannot expect your body to comfortably do physically demanding work without an appropriate amount of conditioning; just like you would not expect to be able to run a marathon without training for a marathon. Sitting all day will only amount to a body that is only able to sit all day. An Olympic athlete needs to train for his/her event. And just like an Olympic athlete, you need to train for your life event too.


    Unfortunately, many children do not maintain a very active lifestyle during the school years. Fitness levels are at an all time low throughout this country. So when these sloth children enter the workforce as salespeople, police people, teachers and parents, they are highly likely to experience their first spine injury because muscles are not strong enough to support the spine.


    We need to teach our children that they need to stay strong and fit in order to enjoy everything that life has to offer.


    Health Matters:

    Health does matter. Each and every choice you make now will create your future. If we want our children to have healthy futures, then the healthy choices have to start now. The old saying, “It’s never too late” really does not hold true. When it comes to health, good choices come a little too late when everything starts falling apart and the damage is already done.


    Health matters need to be discussed now. When it comes to spine health, a few choices are very critical. First, tobacco use should be avoided entirely because it accelerates spine deterioration. Second, sugar consumption should be kept to a minimum as part of an anti-inflammatory diet in order to help the body control pain and improve its healing abilities. Third, core muscle strength needs to be maintained in order to help support the spine (see above). Those children who start making health their top priority now are less likely to have spine problems in the future.


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    Be Kind To Your Spine:

    Too many times, people who experience spine pain say, “I wish I would have taken better care of myself when I was younger.” All of those accidental injuries from mistakes, rambunctiousness, and judgment errors do add up over a lifetime, leading to post-traumatic arthritis.


    Because spine discs and ligaments have limited capabilities to heal after being injured, young athletes and adventurers often feel the effects of those injuries years later. Eventually, back and/or neck pain creeps into daily life. Specific activities like gymnastics and football are especially hard on the spine. Injuries often result from poor conditioning and risk-taking behavior. Counsel your children about making good decisions and proper conditioning techniques. Better yet, work with professionals that specialize in sports medicine, personal training and injury rehabilitation to ensure a pain-free future for your child.  


    Be kind to your spine now, and it will be kind to you in the future.


    All of these spine care tips offer words of advice that should be passed along to children. If spine care education is not emphasized, spine pain will continue to be as common in the future as it is now. Furthermore, if general health education is not emphasized at an early age, our children will continue to suffer the consequences of preventable diseases, painful conditions, and poor health choices. Knowledge is power. Children are our future. So please pass the knowledge onto the next generation for the sake of our future.

Published On: August 13, 2012