Community Colleges Provide Unexpected Opportunities for Healthier Living

  • The spring semester is about to get started. Have you considered going back to school? Forget the dreaded math homework and English term papers that you remember from days gone by. You might be surprised to find some unexpected opportunities to learn a new hobby, learn how to cook healthy meals or learn a new exercise method at you local community college.


    A new hobby could be an enjoyable way to meet new friends or just past the time. Doing something you enjoy always feels good no matter what seems to be happening in your life. Community colleges offer many types of art classes. Even local artists like to teach their skills to others. Try your hand at painting, pottery or glass blowing. If art is not what you enjoy, then maybe you’d prefer to take a jewelry-making class or a furniture-refinishing class. A new hobby is out there waiting for you to discover.

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    If you’ve lost your ability to enjoy cooking or just never learned how to cook, the course catalog for your local community college might offer some cooking classes. Often times local restaurant chefs will host classes to share their knowledge and love of food. Some classes emphasize techniques and worldly cuisine. Other classes help to make planning and meal preparation easier for busy people. Cooking is a skill that opens many doors of opportunities to other worlds, new people, and healthier living.


    And what better way to improve your health than to introduce exercise into your daily routine. Forget the expensive personal trainers and physical therapists; look to your community college for guidance about the exercise program you’ve always dreamed of having, but never found the first stepping stone to take you down that path. You’ll find introductory classes for Tai Chi, Zumba, Yoga, Fitballs, and even foam rollers. If your couch has an indentation and your body has a craving to get up and move, you might want to try an exercise you’ve never done before. In order to take those first steps towards an exercise program, all you need is an unexpected opportunity to learn how.


    Community colleges offer many other possibilities to enter a new phase in your life. Besides bringing joy and health into your life, some classes offer ways to heal old wounds, create new ways of thinking and gather the pieces from a broken life. You’ll be surprised by what is offered at your local community college because you can find health and healing in the most unexpected places.

Published On: January 21, 2013