Preparing to Leave Home with Your Medications

  • Are you planning a trip or preparing to move? If so, then you need to know some important steps that will help you leave home with your medication supply safe, secure and uninterrupted. Whether it’s just for the weekend or for the rest of your life, leaving home can be a little tricky if you rely on medications to keep you going, especially if those medications are controlled substances like sleep-aids, pain relievers and muscle relaxants. Keep these simple tips in mind as you make preparations to pack your bags and hit the road.

    • Use a Locked Storage Container: Even if your medications are not very desirable to others, they’ll look desirable. Medication theft is very common. If you’re flying, put all your medications in your carry-on luggage or put a lock on your luggage. If you’re at a hotel, use the in-room safe. Take every precaution necessary to keep your medications locked-up and secure at all times.

    • Make Sure You Bring Enough: Count the number of days you’ll be gone and make sure to bring an adequate number of medications to get you through the trip and some extra just in case. Before you leave, request early refills if you need more medications, most pharmacies are willing to work with people who have travel plans.

    • Identify a Pharmacy at Your Destination: Identifying a pharmacy at your destination can help you in a number of different ways. If the pharmacy is of the same chain as your home pharmacy, then refills can be transferred easily. In the event that you do run out of medications while out of town, your doctor can call the pharmacy where you are currently located. All of these contingency plans can insure that your supply of medications continues uninterrupted.

    • Hand Carry Prescriptions: If you don’t want to pack a bunch of pills, then sometimes it is easier to bring written prescriptions with you. Even if you are in a different state, the prescriptions should be honored by the pharmacy that you have identified at your travel destination. Call ahead if you are not sure.

    • Obtain a Temporary Mailing Address: Maybe you did not pack enough pills or are going to stay longer than you anticipated; your doctor can mail prescriptions to you. You can purchase a mail box or use a friend’s address. Prescriptions can even been sent overnight and delivered to your door too. Just talk with your doctor and work something out.

    • Inform Your Current Doctor: If you are planning to leave home, tell your current doctor. Your doctor can help you make medication plans and can help you in case of an emergency.

    • Bring a Copy of Your Medical Records: For those of you planning to move to another city or town, a copy of your medical records should be obtained to carry with you. These copies will help your new doctors get to know you better. Getting medical records from your doctor and your pharmacy is also a good idea if you are traveling for extended periods of time.

    • Search for a New Doctor: Long before you actually move, start searching for a new doctor. Use the internet, call friends or even call the local hospital to help you in your search. Finding a new doctor and setting up a new appointment takes time; so, start your search months ahead of time to avoid problems in the future.

     Planning a trip or preparing to move can be a stressful time, take a moment to think about your medication needs otherwise you risk running out of medications at a very inconvenient time.  

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Published On: March 06, 2013