10 Foods that Help to Control Pain

  • Food is medicine and the right foods can help to control pain. In turn, eating the wrong foods can trigger pain. Remember, good health and feeling better starts in the grocery store at the point of purchase.

    1. Steel Cut Oats: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While most people think that all oatmeal is good for you, the real truth is that only steel cut oats (or the whole oat groat) is really good for you because it has the least glycemic index of all.

    2. Turmeric: This little known or appreciated spice called Turmeric is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory. Scientists have discovered that not only does this spice control inflammation in the joints, Turmeric protects joint cartilage too.

    3. Kale: This mild, dark green leafy vegetable is a great way to get calcium and Omega 3. By eating more dark green leafy green vegetables like Kale, you can help to rebalance your Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio in your diet. Rebalancing the Omega’s helps to control inflammation naturally.

    4. Apples: Instead of drinking juice, try eating a whole fruit instead. Juices have too much easily digested sugar for you. At least with a whole fruit, the body has to work a little in order to gain access to the sugar thereby keeping your blood sugar, your levels of inflammation and your pain to a minimum.

    5. Quinoa: This whole grain has a high protein content and a very low glycemic index. It’s an essential grain for an anti-inflammatory diet that helps to control your pain. Use it as a substitute for rice or pasta or breakfast cereal.

    6. Water: Okay, well water might not be considered a food but it is an item you put into your mouth and consume. Staying well hydrated and avoiding sugary, sweet drinks is an important way to improve your health.

    7. Sweet Potato: Even though the name implies that these potatoes have a lot of sugar in them, the sugar is locked up in fiber that makes difficult for the body to digest it. This means that sweet potatoes actually have a lower glycemic index than russet potatoes. Any food with a low GI helps to lower pain and inflammation.

    8. Stone Ground Wheat Flour: Forget the white stuff called flour; it does not have the nutrients you need to support your health. Unless you are gluten sensitive, eating Stone Ground flour will provide you a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber to help you improve your health and feel better.

    9. Almond Milk: Many people are lactose intolerate or at least sensitive. Switching to dairy-free products like Almond Milk might help you relieve some pain if you are one those people. Try a dairy-free diet for three months and see how you feel.

    10. Flax Seed: Besides being full of healthy fiber, this grain is full of Omega 3. Our diets usually contain too much Omega 6. By eating more Omega 3, you can rebalance your diet and control pain naturally.

    Changing what you eat can make a huge difference in how you feel. In order to successfully treat pain, consider making changes that help to improve your health. You can start with this list of foods that can help control pain.

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Published On: April 18, 2014