Quit Smoking Now, Feel Less Pain Later

  • After smoking for so many years, why quit smoking now? After all, smoking helps you cope with pain, stress and anxiety. If you quit now, you might gain weight. If you quit now, your pain might actually get worse. Right? These excuses keep you happily chained to your habit.  Do you need some good reasons to quit besides saving money and smelling better? If you quit now, you might actually feel better. But "might" is not a strong enough word because you want to know for sure that you will feel better than you do now. Let's see what the research says.


    First of all, there is no reason to worry about your pain getting worse if you quit smoking now. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have proven that pain does not actually get worse once you quit. But that same research did not prove that discontinuing the tobacco habit improves pain either. So that's not compelling enough information to motivate you to quit. Let's take a look at some more research.

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    Spine researchers have looked at pain levels after spinal surgery in smokers versus non-smokers. In one study, non-smokers were found to have much less pain after surgery than smokers. Non-smokers also use less pain medications. In fact, your smoking status is the most important predictor of how much pain you are likely to experience if you do have spine surgery even if you are over the age of 65. If quitting can reduce pain levels after spinal surgery, imagine what other kinds of pain can be relieved by quitting?


    Like spine pain, cancer pain is another very common pain that affects millions of people. According to recent research, people who continue to smoke despite their diagnosis of cancer will experience more pain than those who do not smoke. The pain intensity reduces proportionately to the numbers of  smoke-free years. That means that the more years it has been since you quit, the less pain you will experience if you have cancer. You'd better quit now.


    Quitting now just makes sense for the sake of your physical health. Sure, you might gain a little weight especially if you curl up to a carton of ice cream instead of a carton of cigarettes. Those cravings will pass if you work on finding other ways to help you relax besides puffing on a cigarette. Wouldn't it be nice to feel better physically? The pain that you experience now should be a serious motivator for you to quit smoking now. Even if you do not have cancer or spine pain, this research applies to you. Pain represents your brain's opinion about your health. And smoking is not helping your health. Smoking only threatens your health and promotes pain.


Published On: March 05, 2012